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A theology of mission 5 – some talks

We've been thinking about a theology of mission grounded in the doctrine of God.

Here are some relevant talks from me on the subject.:

Luke 14 - Mission the way Jesus did it

Mission in 1 Peter

1 Peter 2 - Doing mission together

Here is Paul Blackham on being salt and light

And here is hands down the best talk I've heard on mission and missional church.  Tim Chester on Rethinking Attractional Church.  The whole series of talks with him and Steve Timmis are just excellent.


0 thoughts on “A theology of mission 5 – some talks

  1. Tim V-B

    I wholeheartedly back Glen's recommendation of the talks by Tim Chester, Steve Timmis - and indeed the other speakers at the Total Church Conference. Superb.

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