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Hung on a tree

This makes a lot of sense.

Especially since Jesus was crucified in the garden (John 19:41).  A garden of death, a tree of curse becomes Eden renewed (John 20:15).  The very tree of life.

Can you imagine 'cross' necklaces that took this to heart?  Very interesting..


UPDATE:  Some artwork along these lines.


Apse of San Clemente's upper church, Rome.  Photo: Lawrence OP



Pacino di Buonaguida's "Tree of Life".  See here why there's a Pelican at the top!


But of course these superimpose the cross on the tree of life.  I can't find any artwork of the crucifixion that has Christ simply hung on a tree!  Can you?


0 thoughts on “Hung on a tree

  1. Otepoti

    Hi, Glen, glad you and the family are better.

    Why would excellent military engineers, such as the Romans were, count on the ad hoc solution of a nearby tree? Let alone three (or more! "I am Spartacus!") in a convenient row?

    Also, I would think that any trees at a public rubbish dump/execution spot would be scavenged for firewood pretty promptly.

    This image is extraordinary.

    It shows no signs of a tree.

    Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, of course.

    Spit-washing? Nonsense! Your mother was just tucking your shirt in.



  2. glenscriv

    Hi Jocelyn,
    That grafitti is amazing isn't it? Wonderful testimony to a post-apostolic church that held to the foolishness of the cross.

    I don't know - I think if the bible says Christ is hung on a tree (Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; 1 Pet 2:24) and if this is in direct fulfilment of the Deuteronomic curse (Deut 21:23; Gal 3:13) then for me these things outweigh other extra-biblical considerations. Christ needed to be hung on a tree to be a curse for us and that was precisely the way the apostles described his death. That's how I'm thinking at the moment.

    And as for the 'rubbish dump' thing - do we learn this from the bible? I'm probably being really ignorant, so please do show me verses. But don't forget John 19:41.


  3. Lee Jagers

    Thanks for the courtesy of referencing my blog. Linking with like minded brothers in Christ around the world adds an extra dimension of interest to blogging. I'm the Director of Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary and enjoyed reading your Christ-centered statements of theology. I like the focus of your posts and will return periodically to keep up with your thoughts. You're so far ahead of me. When I was 30 (that was 36 years ago) I was just leaving the field of Electrical Engineering and was beginning my seminary training.

  4. glenscriv

    Hi Lee,
    Glen here. Pleasure to meet you! Funny, I was thinking just today that if I was ever going to work on a seminary staff the only kind of job I'd want would be teaching pastoral counselling!
    I'll have to have a good poke around your blog. But that'll be on the morrow. I'm off to bed now.

    God bless,


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