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I can't speak enough about God's incomprehensibility

Hi there,

Haven't been around for a bit.  Health problems in the family.  Prayers appreciated.

In my absense though go and read Halden on God's incomprehensibility.

To whet your appetite:

It is not that God is so ineffable that we cannot speak of God, rather God is so utterly excessive in his self-giving that we cannot ever finish saying enough about God. This is why theology must be understood as doxology.

0 thoughts on “I can't speak enough about God's incomprehensibility

  1. Bobby Grow


    get better soon, I am praying for you and the fam. We just went through some sickness too, I guess it's that time of year on both sides of the "pond."

  2. Dave K

    Hi Glen,

    Sorry to just return to your and notice that I missed something quite important last time I was here... What do they say about skim reading blogs?

    I do hope things have improved since your post. I will actually pray now.

  3. glenscriv

    Thank you all very much for prayers. They are very appreciated.
    Both my wife and I are still far from 100% but feeling very supported so thank you!

  4. Neil Jeffers

    Nice one.

    Emphasises the futility of trying to pin down/narrow down the "essence" of God. Much better to speak about his fulness, and say as much as we can about Him.

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