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I love Dev Menon…

... and I don't care who knows it.

Read here as he discusses baptism, Genesis and the cross.

By the way, did you know he has a PhD he's getting a PhD in some science or other (viva pending).  Whatever the case, please address him as Dr Dev.  Or Menon PhD. 

Here he does scientia Christi.  Check out this extract from his latest findings...

...So day one - the light shines in the darkness - in the midst of the waters of death and judgement

Day two - the word is stretched out - or rather stretched out and beaten out the expanse - now we have 2 water divisions - one under the THIRD heaven (throne room) and one below

So then Christ will separate out from the waters above and we will separate out from the waters below to create a new life - the THIRD WAY - where God and Man will dwell together - the new life - through the cross, where He is beaten and stretched out - suspended above heaven and earth

So then in the new creation - this time the division is by fire - all will be baptised by fire, first Christ, then His people - and live a new life in the new 'Expanse' - the new way - He will draw in from the heavens His Father to live this new life, and from the seas of judgement He has called and fished His people out to live with Him

All the rest will remain in the fires of judgement, the outer darkness, cast away both rebellious angels and men alike...

Read the whole thing here. Now!

Also his latest comment on this blog.  Made me cackle.


7 thoughts on “I love Dev Menon…

  1. Dev

    actually don't address me at all..
    only fuels the horrible pride
    just talk about Jesus all the time

    ps: if anyone wants to hear a hypothesis on how the molecular biology of the cell presents the gospel - i'm happy to have a go =)

  2. Tim V-B

    A hypothesis on how the molecular biology of the cell presents the gospel? Why, I was just walking along the road yesterday thinking to myself "oh, how I really need a hypothesis on how the molecular biology of the cell presents the gospel."

    Which is another way of saying - Yes Please!!

  3. Will

    Subject to your viva, congratulations Dev! I know finishing this thing was something of a rod for your back while trying to work at the Clubhouse.

    What do you think you might do next?


  4. Will

    ah that sounds good.

    i am firming to come to the UK for a visit between 15 June and 10 July this year so I hope you might still be around then to say hello.

    jesus bless!


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