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Ron Frost has a blog!

I had no idea Ron Frost has a blog (thanks Dan for highlighting it).  Joy of joys.

A spreading goodness is an extremely readable and insightful blog about bible-soaked, Trinitarian affective theology.  Try these posts as an introduction:

Make this the year - getting into the bible

Living by faith - what is faith anyway?

Choosing to rule my emotions? - the will or the heart?


0 thoughts on “Ron Frost has a blog!

  1. Bobby Grow

    Now what I am I supposed to do, I've made most of my living by trying to get Frost's stuff out there, at least my early blogging days, now everybody can get the real thing ;-).

  2. Tim V-B

    I just found it too (via Dan) and there was much rejoicing in the land!

    Ron sent me his PhD a while ago, it was excellent. Good to see his latest post spreading some Sibbes goodness.

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