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Calming the storm



Storms are bigger than we are.

Jesus is much bigger still.

We're small.

We're passive.

We're at the mercy of bigger forces.

Either Jesus steps in or we're doomed.

When He does step in it's even scarier!

Jesus is just as unmanagable as the storm

The difference is Jesus loves you, the storm doesn't.

Jesus is the Ultimate Jonah hurled into the Ultimate Storm to bring us peace.

That's why we can trust Him.

So, Who or what will we fear?

Who or what will we trust?

And Who is this Jesus?

He's the One who sails with us in the storm,

Yet He rules over the storm by His mighty word

And in the storm - that's where we really come to know Him.


Those are the sort of thoughts informing this sermon on Mark 4:35-41 - Jesus calms the storm

Audio mp3 file here


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