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Christless Christianity

Mike Horton is promoting his new book "Christless Christianity".  Listen here to the podcast from the ever-helpful Issues etc.

A couple of great quotes from Horton:

Christians need to hear the gospel preached not only once in their christian life but throughout - each week - because (as Calvin said) "We are all partly unbelievers throughout our lives."


If I could say one thing to my fellow pastors, Sunday school teachers and to parents: we have to realize that the gospel isn't just foreign to us when we are unregenerate. It remains astonishing, it remains surpirising, it remains unbelievable apart from the Spirit.  It is still something that takes a miracle to believe. We have just got to remember that and not take the gospel for granted.


If there's one thing I love in hearing preachers it's astonishment at the strangeness and wonder of the gospel.  God save us from the world weary tone that introduces each point with:  "Of course we all know, don't we..."   No we don't!  That's why we need the Word.  Constantly!


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