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Bible Overview

Go buy this book.


Okay it's one of the least inspiring book titles ever conceived, but it does exactly what it says on the front.

Steve Levy has written it with Paul Blackham.  It's 336 pages.  There are 11 sections:

What the Bible says about itself

Creation to new creation

Father Abraham


Promised Land

Kings to Exile

Latter Prophets

The Writings

The gospels

Acts and the church

The church in Revelation


Loving what I've read so far.  I reckon this is the book I'll be giving to anyone wanting a grounding in Christ-focused biblical theology.

Here's a provocative paragraph early on:

"When you are reading any of the Old Testament books, whether Numbers, Leviticus, Kings or Chronicles, you are reading about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You are not reading an illustration of the gospel, you are not reading stories that can be reinterpreted in the light of the gospel.  You are reading God's clear word about Jesus.  That is how the Bible sees itself."  (p22) 

I'm sure I'll be posting quotes as I go.  But seriously - go and buy this book!


0 thoughts on “Bible Overview

  1. Missy

    Glen, I just might! I am doing a long term study of the story of Esther with my Bible study group, and a few days ago I made an effort to look at this scripture solely as a testimony of Christ. I might be totally wrong, but I've seen some amazing aspects of this story in correlation to Christ that I have never noticed before.

  2. Pete Bowman

    I've just ordered my copy... Wesley Owen have it on their website for £4.99 (versus £6.99 RRP).

  3. Dan Hames

    Haha love the Amazon lineup!

    Are you guys Frasier fans? Excellent. It's ain't the odd one out, Tim.

    Question: how come Welsy Owen have a brown cover like a sack, while Amazon and CFP have a bloke on it? Any difference on the inside?

    Notice how Amazon US have the guy with a tatoo on his arm!

  4. timothycairns

    If we are doing book recommendations heres a few:

    An Old Testament Theology - Bruce Waltke - top class book! not to detract from the author of this blogs fine OT overviews! but its a fine read

    I also recommend Darrell Johnson - Discipleship on the edge

    So bundle your order of these two with the book Glen recommends on Amazon and get free shipping (and wait ages for your stuff to arrive!). Which leads me to a rant - I am preaching a series on the Sermon on the Mount starting ion January - I ordered several books from Amazon on the first week of September - the delivery estimate is 15th December! I'm mad!!!

    Sorry to borrow your blog for ranting purposes but I now feel better

  5. glenscriv

    Dan - surely the Hebrew textbook is the odd one out - the others bring pure pleasure.

    Tim - glad to provide a rant valve (if you can't rant on blogs...). I've been really enjoying whatever Darrell Johnson preaching I can find on the web. Did you know him at Regent? What's he like?

  6. timothycairns

    Glen - Darrell is outstanding - one of the best preachers I've come across. If you want to have some listening pleasure buy his lecture series on John - its outstanding. I think you would really like it.

    I knew/know Darrell really well, he was my favourite professor at Regent.

  7. timothycairns

    Went to buy Bible overview today - was told its not out in North America until 18th Nov - so I ordered a copy - just some info for all those North American readers!

  8. glenscriv

    Thanks Tim. And thanks for the Johnson recommendation. I've heard a couple of versions of a Philippians 2 sermon he's done and they were *amazing*.

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