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Trinity, revelation and OT – 7

You may know that I (sporadically but vigourously!) bang the drum for Christ the eternal Mediator being the deliberately revealed, consciously known object of faith in the Old Testament.  Here are some posts on the issue.

Pete Myers read it and posted this.  And our further discussions are here and here.

By way of some kind of response, here are ten propositions that circle around some of the issues. (Fabricius eat your heart out). 

For those yawning right now, hold on for some grand hilarity next week - I'm on holidays and will post only frivolity.  For those fixing to flex their theological muscles, remember to play nice.


7.  Psalm 45 is a good example of a Scripture that assumes a multi-Personal doctrine of God even in its own context.



The Targum of Jonathan translates Ps 45:3:

 "Your beauty, O King Messiah, is greater than the sons of men; the Spirit of prophecy has been placed on your lips; because of this, YHWH God has blessed you forever."

 Those reading Psalm 45 in its own context concluded that the Psalm was addressed to King Messiah - who reigns forever (v6) and is the Object of eternal praise (v17).  It would be blasphemous to ascribe the title ‘God' (v6) to a mere mortal. 


How to understand the daughters and ladies of honour and virgins etc?  Well Revelation 19 also slips between describing the bride and the guests at the Lamb's wedding (v7,9).  It kind of merges together to give you the impression that His people can be described in different ways as having different roles on the wedding day.


How to understand His sons? (v16)  Is it any different to Isaiah 53:10?  Or Isaiah 8:18 <=> Heb 2:13.  Scripture is comfortable speaking of Christ's children.


The Psalm speaks of King Messiah in idealised King of Israel terms, but makes it plain that He is exalted above all earthly kings.  He is the God who is set on His throne by God.  And once more we are confronted with the same issue:  an Israelite who hears of God enthroned by God will either understand a multi-Personal doctrine of God (revealed in the divine Messiah!) or they will misunderstand the Scripture.  They cannot hold a functionally unitarian doctrine of God and understand their own Scriptures.


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