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Trinity, revelation and OT – 3

You may know that I (sporadically but vigourously!) bang the drum for Christ the eternal Mediator being the deliberately revealed, consciously known object of faith in the Old Testament.  Here are some posts on the issue.

Pete Myers read it and posted this.  And our further discussions are here and here.

By way of some kind of response, here are ten propositions that circle around some of the issues. (Fabricius eat your heart out). 

For those yawning right now, hold on for some grand hilarity next week - I'm on holidays and will post only frivolity.  For those fixing to flex their theological muscles, remember to play nice.


3. There is no such thing as pre-supposition-less exegesis. 


Here's an old post on the issue


We all begin at Genesis 1 with a pretty developed doctrine of God. 


  • A) ‘God is truthful and this implies X, Y and Z about His revelation etc...'


I simply don't understand why explicit tri-unity is not a part of this basic doctrine of God:


  • B) ‘God is a lively community of Three distinct Persons and this implies X, Y and Z about His revelation.'


Now notice that both A) and B) are presuppositions.  They are what we assume about what we are about to encounter in God's revelation.   But then where do we get the idea that A) is a more rudimentary truth than B)?  How sustainable is that exegetically?  Systematically?


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