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Fear not little flock

"Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32)

We think of ourselves as battle-weary soldiers, securing the kingdom for a grudging commanding officer. The Good Shepherd calls us little sheep who are given heaven and earth by a happy and generous Father!

Now if that doesn't revolutionize our prayers, nothing will!


0 thoughts on “Fear not little flock

  1. angela

    HI, hey I have a Muslim women commenting on my blog (she is postulating that Christianity is a heirarchial faith, and that women are subordinate in Christianity) and just was wondering if you could write a simplified post (for my simple brain)regarding how women and men relate in our roles in the Trinitarian discussion. Or you could just come over and comment and clear things up, cause I'm sure I messed it up good!



  2. glenscriv

    Thanks Missy.

    Angela - I've written something. But it seems like you and Bobby have things in hand ;-). Glad to hear you have a passion for outreach to Muslims. Me too. but I'm a bit rusty. I've just moved into the area and I'll have to get myself down to the local Mosque soon. (Must read your posts on Islam to brush up too!)


  3. Bobby Grow


    excellent post. The Lord Jesus is sweet, gentle and meek . . . and a Warrior King--talk about THE Man!

    It is so good to have the capacity to genuinely REST in Him!

  4. glenscriv


    A couple of years ago I was reading this verse on a train in London and was so blown away I had to tell the guy next to me. Of course I temporarily forgot how freaked out the English get when you make eye-contact let alone conversation on public transport. He immediately got up and left the train at the next stop. Oh well, you try don't you?!

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