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You’re always late to prayers!

This is a short introduction I gave to our church prayer meeting held on Wednesday night...


Job 16:19-20

19 Even now my Witness is in heaven; my Advocate is on high. 20 My Intercessor is my Friend as my eyes pour out tears to God;

I have to tell you that you were all late for the prayer meeting.  I want you to seriously consider the fact that you all came late to the prayer meeting.  And last month, you were late to the prayer meeting.  And the month before that.  In fact, you are always late to prayer.

Because the real prayer meeting, the heavenly prayer meeting, has begun before we ever join in.

Job here speaks of his heavenly Intercessor.  Job has a friend in high places.  And this friend prays for him ‘Even now'.

Jesus Christ is described many times as our Intercessor.  Because intercession (prayer) is one of the key things Jesus does for us as our High Priest

The High Priest of the Old Testament tabernacle system would, once a year, take the blood of the atonement sacrifices and take them through the curtain and into the Most Holy Place - the dwelling place of God Himself.  There He would sprinkle the blood before the LORD and make atonement for the sins of the people.  Now that's wonderful enough, but one of the things the High Priest was wearing was a breastplate in which were 12 stones.  Engraved on the 12 stones were the names of the sons of Israel.  Exodus 28 says this:

29 "Whenever Aaron enters the Holy Place, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel over his heart (on the breastpiece of decision) as a continuing memorial before the LORD.

So this is the picture: The High Priest makes atonement for His people and in doing so He carries His people on His heart before the LORD.  The people are remembered before the LORD because the High Priest carries them on His heart.

Now the Old Testament tabernacle system was only a multi-media presentation.  It pointed forward to the time when Jesus Christ would enter into heaven itself to make atonement and intercede for His people.  In the Old Testament, the High Priest got into the Most Holy Place and got out again quickly, lest he die in the presence of this Holy God.  But Hebrews 7 contrasts that with Jesus' priesthood.  It says:

"because Jesus lives for ever, he has a permanent priesthood. 25 Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them."

Jesus always bears us on His heart before the Father.  He always remains before the LORD.  He is our Intercessor - always praying for His people.

We are always late to prayer.  Because Jesus is always ahead of us.  Our prayer is the Amen to His ceaseless intercession!

Now let's just look at our passage and learn a little something about out Heavenly Intercessor.  He's given four names here:

First: He is the Witness.  It's legal language, and here we have what you might call a Star Witness.  While Satan may be called the Accuser in Scripture, Job knows a Witness for the defence.  And He's a Witness with the very best reputation.  Here is a Witness who will be listened to on High, because He belongs on High.  The case for the defence can rest because this Star Witness has given unimpeachable testimony.

Second: He is the Advocate.  We're still in legal territory here.  John also calls Jesus ‘the Advocate' in 1 John 2:1.  He is not only the Star Witness, He's also the Star Barrister.  That's so important in court.  Because if you're on trial, how do you look to the Judge?  You look as good as your lawyer.  If your lawyer is good, you look good.  The Christian looks very good in the court of heaven.  Their Witness and their Advocate is flawless.

Third: He is the Intercessor.  Christ doesn't just witness or advocate, He prays. He petitions, He intercedes.  Jesus said to Peter, "I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail."  (Luke 22:32)  And the LORD Jesus prays similarly for you.  And He prays, as Job says (v19) ‘even now'.

Fourth:  He is my friend.  All of this would be nothing if not for the fact that Christ is our friend.  We don't simply have a Lord in High Places, we have a friend in High Places.  There is One who loves you more than you love yourself.  He is the One interceding for you ‘even now.'

Finally.  You might think that all this would make you not want to pray.  Perhaps you think: ‘Why should I bother praying if Jesus is doing the job?'  This thought doesn't occur to Job.  He makes the opposite conclusion - because He has such a Witness, Advocate, Intercessor and Friend on High therefore his eyes pour out tears before God.

When we understand that our High Priest has given us such access to the throne of grace then we will pour out our hearts to God.  Before Christ made friends with us, prayer could only ever be a wish list or a religious rite - and who knows whether our words just bounce off the ceiling.  But now, carried on Christ's heart, assured of a hearing, now we can pray.  Now we can call the Almighty God ‘Abba, Father'.  Now we are invited into the ultimate prayer gathering.  We may have turned up late, but we are very welcome.  And all our prayers become the Amen, to Christ's heavenly intercession.

Heavenly Father, we approach You because Your Son, our Brother has become our Priest.  We praise and thank You because He ever lives to intercede for us.  Send the Spirit of Your Son now into our hearts, that same Spirit of Christ, who calls out ‘Abba, Father.'  Draw us into your life of prayer.  Help us this evening to know the privilege and joy of joining in with Christ's intercession.  Answer our prayers not because of our own righteousness but only because Christ our Witness on High intercedes for us.  It's in His Name we pray,  Amen.


For audio sermons of mine and some others I highly recommend go here


0 thoughts on “You’re always late to prayers!

  1. kc

    Glen I haven’t heard this kind of teaching in years. Reading it here took me back several decades to the small “country” Churches where I first heard this taught and it’s every bit as wonderful to consider now as it was then. Thanks for the blessing!

  2. glenscriv

    I don't hear it much anywhere - that's why I'm trying to give it a hearing any way I can. (A brilliant short book on the topic is JB Torrance's 'Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace' - very heart warming stuff.)

    We can never forget the mediation of Christ. Otherwise, what does praying 'in Jesus' Name' mean? It's not like the zip code to our prayer letters! It's not some magic phrase that wins us a heavenly hearing. It's the very atmosphere in which prayer happens. I loved being in Nigeria last year where the Christians there would routinely *begin* their prayers with, "Father, we pray in Jesus' Name." The mediation of Christ is the beginning middle and end of our prayer lives. The minute we forget it we're just doing religion.

    Glad you were blessed by it. And thanks for all your encouragements KC. It's brightened my morning no end to see your comments. And feel free to ask any questions no matter how 'off-topic'. Or email them. Anyway have a great day - remember you're carried on Christ's heart before the Father. "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you." "Your life is now hidden with Christ in God."

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