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Having just thought about Calvin and union with Christ - here is Mike's second talk on justification.  We receive His righteousness in Jesus.

Do give some time to these talks.  It's a chance to be refreshed and liberated by gospel truth.


Here's 5 minutes with Lane Tipton.  Or just read the summary quotes below.  Good stuff.

ht Bobby.

"In the contemporary setting today... there is a tendency to emphasize the forensic element of the gospel as being perhaps the whole gospel, such that justification begins to eclipse the very Person of Christ Himself."

[Instead Calvin's theology is a theology of union with Christ.  Therefore...] "You first possess Christ and then in Christ you are justified."

"Likewise if you want to be holy you must first possess Christ and then in Him you will be holy."

"The priority for Calvin is Christ.  And that breeds a very healthy christocentrism - a very healthy Christ-centredness in the Christian life.  Believers are united to a Person."

"... In offering the church a theology that focusses on union and communion with the living Person of the Son of God, Calvin avoids pushing us in the direction of accepting abstract benefits of the gospel and points us to the crucified and resurrected Benefactor of the gospel in terms of Whom we receive every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places."


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