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In the wake of Nigerian presidential elections in which a Christian from the south has won, the north has erupted in violence. Open Doors reports that 60 churches have been torched and thousands of Christian homes destroyed.

My brother in Christ Yahaya Ibrahim is a brave pastor of a congregation in Kaduna. He contacted me to ask for prayer:

Please pray for:

* God's intervention,
* Pray against fear,
* Pray against retaliation,
* Pray against rumour mongering.

From Josh's blog.  Please spread the word to get people praying:

About 18 months ago ShouWang (a large “Family Church” in Beijing, English name: The Rock) bought a building to meet in, but the Government put pressure on the property manager to not hand over the keys so they were forced to rent a place instead. The Government then put pressure on the landlord to evict them which he did a couple of weeks ago. The therefore felt they had no alternative but to meet outside, which they did last Sunday (10th April).

Consequently over 100 people (including our friend MM) were taken away by police for questioning, with most being (including MM) released 24 hours later having signed a statement saying they won’t take part in any other illegal meetings.

This Sunday (17th April) since they want to keep meeting as a church, and have no alternative, they will meet outside again. Today, the police have personally visited a number of the congregation (including our friends Carol and DQ) warning them not to take part in the service.

We’ve just been on the phone to Carol, she’s not sure what she should do: whether to honour her dad by staying at home and away from a likely conflict with the police, or go and identify herself with fellow believers and obeying the command to keep on meeting with brothers and sisters. We’re not sure what to advise her.

The leaders of the church have reportedly been placed under house arrest, however it seems that the two senior pastors have been taken away and it’s unclear where they are at the moment.

Do please be praying about this situation.

Then be thankful:


ht OldAdam

Here's a website where you can write to Christians imprisoned for their faith.  They will tell you the background to different prisoners, translate your encouragements into the approapriate language and tell you where to send your letter.

Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow-prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.  (Heb 13:3)


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