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Some preaching offers Christ - like a meal in a restaurant. Some preaching offers 'biblical truth' - like raw ingredients at a wholesalers

If you’re a Christian you are “in Christ”. And you can’t get closer than “in”. #EnjoyYourDay

When Christians protest: "Non-Cs will Never believe/understand THREE [or TWO or ONE]" I often find it's They who don't believe/understand it

If you are in Christ, even if He wanted to send you away, God would have to un-knit His own being to do so. #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus encamps around you, the Spirit fills you, the Father beams at you. #EnjoyYourDay

The Greek mind makes vertical contrasts: ideal is above, we are below
Hebrew thinking makes horizontal contrasts: ideal is later, we are now

When we think about the visible/invisible church, is our mindset Greek or Hebrew?

Anyone who says 'Men try to fix things, women just want to talk it out' has never spoken to an older woman about child-rearing ;-)

The Risen Lord cooks breakfast for total failures (Jn 21). He hasnt changed in 2000 years. He loves u just the same. #EnjoyYourDay

God is not just forgiving, He’s Father. You’re not just accepted, you’re adopted. #EnjoyYourDay

Adoption into the life of God, thru the blood of the Son! What kind of God do we have? One who gave everything to have us #EnjoyYourDay

Worship is 24/7, sure, but so is marriage. Setting aside special times to enjoy it does not undermine the ongoing reality - it sustains it.

Priesthood of all believers, sure, but Christ gives different gifts and roles to *help* our corporate priestliness (Eph4:11-13; 1Pet4:10-11)

"We're saved by grace not rituals." Exactly, so take communion every chance u get & let it proclaim to u that grace that u prize.

If minds emerged from purely Darwinian processes how did we ever arrive at a Darwin? Fitness to reproduce does not equal fitness to think.

If you're looking for proof of this, ask yourself who at your high school was considered fittest to reproduce? The honours students?

The Good Shepherd has not retired. The One who gave His life 4u watches over, guides, feeds & protects u right now. #EnjoyYourDay

Good news: God has prepared good works for you to walk in today. (Try to look surprised when it happens). #EnjoyYourDay

Gnostic Gospels: Fan fiction from beyond the fringe.

Actually, as I've thought about it, it's more like Frenemy Fiction

Last night on TV I saw a genuine marriage where the celebrant said "By the power of your love for one another I pronounce you husband&wife"!

Then again, I've also seen baptisms where the minister says "On the basis of your profession of faith, I now baptise you..."!

Jesus does not wish you well on your way to heaven. He is heaven. And you’re in Him. #EnjoyYourDay

Every word of Ps119:25 articulates the nature of the flesh & the Spirit:
My soul cleaves to the dust;
Give me life according to your word.

Jesus doesn’t merely give us a legal status, He IS our legal status. And not just legal- royal and familial and...dare I go further? 2Pet1:4

We say "We need more harvest." Jesus says "You need more workers." (Matt 9:37)

On the plus side, @Stephenfry's comments remind us that we do Not worship Authority-writ-large. We too despise and reject the author of evil

For @StephenFry to treat Christianity without a Fall is not just straw-manning. It's shooting the enemy and calling him "God"

One irony regarding Fry's tirade: He rails against disease, decay and death but only ends up enthroning them as lords of the cosmos.

A much deeper irony: Fry takes aim at the author of evil and Christians rally to defend the monster.

The Father IS Love, the Son IS Grace, the Spirit IS Fellowship (2 Cor 13:14). You have everything you could ever need or want. #EnjoyYourDay

When our champion wins, we celebrate. Thank God we have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1Cor15:57) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus does not hit “Snooze” on your sins, to revisit them later. He’s hit “Dismiss”, once and for all. #EnjoyYourDay

What surrounded Jesus' gospel preaching? Matt9:35-38
LOVE 4 the lost,
FAITH to see their true condition,
HOPE for a coming harvest,

All that harms & perverts comes from a defeated enemy. Your victorious Friend brings fullness & life: even thru this harm. #EnjoyYourDay

Let persecution be our context not our complex.

Arguments about the length of days in Genesis 1 don't get very far. Much better to talk about the *kind* of days they were: "good".

Father, Son & Spirit means Fullness, Poured-out & Poured-in. Divine Fullness is Poured-out for you and Poured-in to you. #EnjoyYourDay

To say "Jesus is the only way to God" is only superficially Christ-centred. Far more fundamentally: "There IS no God except the Jesus-God."

Without the eternal Word of God it's not simply that we lack the vocabulary to speak of God. Without Christ there is no God to speak about.

We can’t imagine ourselves into a world w/o suffering since WE wouldn’t exist in this other world. More importantly the LAMB wouldn’t exist

The god the New Atheists decry certainly does not exist. #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not 'the only Way' like a bridge is the only way 2 an island. He's the only Way like a light beam is the only way 2 see the source

You have nothing to bring God but weakness & failure. Yet this is exactly what He accepts thru Jesus our Saviour #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever you’ve done this weekend, whatever you will do this week, God’s love is as free as the sunshine. (Matt 5:45) #EnjoyYourDay

Reminder to self: Videos don't go viral. People go viral.

As Abraham precedes Moses so the new covenant is older than the old. Galatians 3

Christians are new covenant not old covenant people. This means we are children of Abraham not of Moses. Galatians 3

He’s magnetic, heroic & this world’s true Champion. He knows u by name, prays 4u constantly & longs to see u face to face #EnjoyYourDay

If you like building personalised lighthouses that’s your own lookout.

At our bespoke undertakers, our motto is: It’s Your Funeral

Marmalade: for when life hands you marmals

I respect the makers of colonnades even more when I remember what life has handed them.

Cuba’s big problem has been finding a successor to Castro but no one wants to play second Fidel

I told them "You must stop snorting marijuana" because sometimes you have to say what's right even if it puts joints out of noses.

Your list of passive-aggressive tactics made a glaring omission

If it's all the same to you I'll call you a monist

If it means nothing to you I'll call you Niall

The Spanish must be constantly overwhelmed by their todo lists

Let the dish run away with the spoon, it's the fork that counts.

-I've had no help in thinking up a girl's name.
-Sure, or handle, appellation, sobriquet, whatever. I'm just saying noone's helped

I just made a bad karma joke. It got what it deserved

Warning: there are some bad karma jokes going around

"There's only 1 word to describe my failed attempt at a prosthetic testicle" Shambolic.

Is it worth catching up with the #GreatBritishSewingBee if I haven't seen Great British Sewing A?

I like comparing historical periods now and then

Face facts people: the average Briton is mean

In gritty Channel 4 documentaries, 8 out of 10 youths say they refuse to become a statistic.

Compulsive talking is a bore I must say

You know that death you fear? You died it 2000 years ago. Now you are raised, vindicated & reigning. #ChristIsYourLife #EnjoyYourDay

If the goal is 'sin minimisation' even yr grtst works can b Christless. If its 'Christ maximisation' even yr worst sins exalt His great work

Christ loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood. (Rev 1:5) #EnjoyYourDay

- "We can take 4 granted the material universe as our starting point"
- "Who is 'we'? 'We' seems an even more basic fact in our discussion."

No one ever starts with the material universe. They start with a mind experiencing and interpreting the material universe.

Materialism might appeal as an intuitive way of knowing the universe but it's those intuitions that need examining.

Feeling empty, dry, hungry? You’re meant to be. But Jesus is your Fulness, Fountain and Food. #EnjoyYourDay

Shows like The Wire prove what liturgical churches know: u don’t need 2 explain everything. Immerse people in a bigger story, they’ll get it

In Christ there’s nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to lose. #EnjoyYourDay

UK churches will introduce teaching videos in one of two ways. Either:
"Sorry this is really American", or
"Sorry this is really naff."

Your Brother rules the world, forgives all yr sins, redeems all yr mistakes & continues 2 speak kindly 2u (Gen 50:14-21). #EnjoyYourDay

You are not God’s project, you are God’s child. #EnjoyYourDay

The gospel is not that Christians can change the world. The gospel declares that Christ *has* changed the world.

The bread and butter of evangelism is not to spiritualise the odd conversation but to humanise all our interactions.

Christian: Christ lives in you. #EnjoyYourDay

If your pursuit of the Spirit is not a journey deeper into the gospel of Christ, it's not the *Holy* Spirit you seek.

Our recent free speech debates have highlighted for me the vital importance of balancing SHUT THE HELL UP with YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME

Evangelism is not "baiting the hook", it's offering Bread.

Soon your eyes will behold the King in His beauty, they will see a land that stretches afar. Isaiah 33:17 #EnjoyYourDay

According to Paul we should feel more free as a Christian than our non-Christian friends, more free than our non-Christian past (Gal 5:1,13)

If our Christianity doesn't make us More free then we've misunderstood Paul's gospel or the slavery of sin or both.

In Christ you are not only blameless in God’s sight (Col 1:22), you are unblameable (KJV). #EnjoyYourDay

"Tho I'm free & belong to no one, I've made myself a slave to all to win as many as possible" <- in God's life this is what theologians call #impassibility "Do all for God's glory" (1Cor10:31). What does that mean? Two verses later "I don't seek my own good but that of many so they may be saved" < Therefore God's glory is other-centred, servant-hearted, saving love. Of course God does all things for His glory. But that glory is not a self-centred concern but the very opposite - His sacrificial grace Jesus encamps around you (Ps 34:7). Before anything gets to you today, it has to go through Him. #EnjoyYourDay

'I have cat "Like" reflexes"'.
-- Every Facebooker

"I can’t see me lovin nobody but u for all my life" is the best love song about the unimaginable prospect of remaining devoted to yr partner

"On the day that you were born the angels got together..." is the best love song about committee decisions

"Don’t want to close my eyes, Don’t want to fall asleep" is the best love song pleading with your partner to get to the point.

"With or without u" is the best love song about whether 2 adopt American spelling.

Don't ask me how I do my Scrabble puns. Somehow I just pull it out of the bag.

I think someone's half inched my rhyming slang dictionary but I literally have no way of knowing.

I don't get it, aren't we all hoarse whisperers?

Coming soon: I’ll be offering tickets to my animal hysterectomies so watch these spays

De Niro was pretty nuts during filming of Taxi Driver but there was madness to his method.


Two profoundly Christian truths that every physicist knows: the arrow of time points relentlessly forwards. Space & time are inseparable...

Every other vision of the future either breaks apart time & space or sees the arrow as a circle or predicts it's all heading somewhere bad..

Only Christians think *this* space-time universe is headed somewhere good. Only Christians can *really* look forward to a brighter tomorrow

In other words: Happy New Year

There is a way from Trinity to aseity. There is no way from aseity to Trinity.

"If God made the world, who made God?" That's like asking "If the sun illuminates the earth, what illuminates the sun?"

The Light of the world is not one more link in the chain but the Source.

Turning over a new leaf? Ur 2000 years too late. A whole new world born from the virgin womb & virgin tomb: yours 4 free #EnjoyYourDay

Your Father is Saving Mercy personified, Jesus is Kindness on legs, the Spirit showers u with renewal & rebirth (Titus 3) #EnjoyYourDay

When Jesus took on sin, evil, chaos & death, He wasn't just showing u Who's boss (so you'd bow). He was saving you from your Enemies (so rejoice!)

When we say "Jesus is Lord" we are literally saying: "'The LORD-to-the-rescue', He is *really* LORD."

Want to preach the Lordship of Jesus? Dont just tell us Jesus is bigger than other powers, tell us how He conquered those evil powers for us

Jesus is not just the start or the finish. He’s the Way. He comprehends you & the Father and all distance between you #EnjoyYourDay

"If you're lost now, what will stop you being lost forever?" Steve Levy

I’ve read to the end of the book. It turns out really well apparently.#EnjoyYourDay

“Even if Christ were crucified 4 us 1000x it wd be vain if God's Word were not given 2me w the bidding: This is 4u, take what's yrs.” Luther

Jesus lived the life of heaven and died the death of hell so that our hellish lives can have heavenly deaths.

I’ve figured out the knack with newborns. You just resolve to become nocturnal. With the difference that you don’t sleep in the day either.

If u think there's a necessary trade-off between creative, well-produced media/art & gospel faithfulness u probably have an ugly gospel.

Through Christ’s death you are dead to: the ‘old man’; the flesh; sin; wrath; the law; principalities & powers & to the world #EnjoyYourDay

In debating the truth of materialism, immaterial factors are decisive (minds, reason, language, etc). Even if the Christian loses they win

Christian: your loving Father stands against every hell-bent tendency in u. Good news: He won’t let u destroy yourself #EnjoyYourDay

The Christian is in “the Kingdom of God’s Beloved Son” (Col 1:13). “You are my Well-Beloved” is the air we breathe. #EnjoyYourDay

Faith is not a muscle you flex. If you flex an empty hand you'll find you have a clenched fist.

Faith is not pushed out of you by your will power, faith is pulled out of you by God's promises.

Accused of blasphemy. Stood firm. Killed by religious extremists. #JesusCharlie

“Fear not little flock, it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32) #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ, all mistakes are redeemed. All sins forgiven. All sacrifices repaid 100-fold. So what do u want 2 do today? #EnjoyYourDay

"Faith seeking understanding" is not an exceptional allowance for the religious - it's the rule for all knowledge

Belief is not a flight from Reality - it's the only way to grapple with it.

There is no Plan B, C or D with God’s salvation - only Plan Jesus. (Hebrews 13:20; Rev 13:8)

Dear Christian: "Your sins and lawless acts I will remember no more." Love, your Father. (Heb 10:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Yes they're angry but push beneath & find desperation for control, then fear, then shame. Under it all: a naked sinner crying out 2b Covered

Kids are great, but if I could suggest one improvement? Can they have a snooze button fitted? Thanks

Who called it hemorrhoid cream and not bum balm?

I’ve figured out the knack with newborns. You just resolve to become nocturnal. With the difference that you don’t sleep in the day either.

Two midwives just visited. Quick as a flash I said "Does that make you one whole wife?" Good to know I've still got it eh?

My beautician is draining excess fluids from my body. I’m pretty pumped

Why they say I lack vision I can’t imagine

At the Flatliners World Championships they always play sudden death

Whatever your beef with me I will not be cowed

Why choose a bird as party planner? It really is an extraordinary tern of events.

You want to add your fancy “wearable technology” to my trusty Casio? Not on my watch.

You can sing Frozen songs to your teacher but don't "Let it go" to your Head

I bet a common problem for composers was trying to come up with a name for their symphony first.

I know it’s a long shot but any chance of a yard of vodka?

You may call me a crotchety composer but I keep my half notes minimised

A Facebook friend - not a Christian - just posted a link to the Peshawar school shooting saying of the perpetrators: "Hope to f*#@ there's a hell."

How much of our thinking about judgement is coddled in western comfort.

There is a Mediator with God. He's fully accepted by God and 100% on our side - the Man Christ Jesus. #1Tim2 #EnjoyYourDay

How does that Isaiah 9 song go? “And the government shall be upon my shoulders.” No, it’s all on the Prince of Peace. #EnjoyYourDay

“The whole order of things is as outrageous as any miracle which could presume to violate it.” GK Chesterton

It's interesting that lists of "Jesus-myths that predated the incarnation" don't include the obvious ones, yknow, like Moses, David, Isaiah


Wait a minute. I've been blocked by a troll. That's like your stalker serving you with an injunction :-/

#FeedTheTrolls #FeedThemTillTheyRunShriekingIntoTheNight

Since God draws near in the Christ-child, ask yourself What does a baby want from u? Except that u come near yourself? #EnjoyYourDay

This confirms my suspicious that we need to hear less of how believers are also reasonable & far more abt how rationalists are also believers

Is God ok with u? Look to the manger. There’s the Son laying hold of u forever: “And he shall be their peace” Micah 5:5 #EnjoyYourDay

Jacob blessed his boys in the name of the Redeeming Angel (Genesis 48:16). He was either an idolater or a Trinitarian #ChristInOT

The Angel of the LORD was either mad, bad or God. #ChristInOT

Those who most scorn the idea of divine justice (comfortable westerners) are those who've rarely had to cry out for earthly justice.

Jesus enters the world defenceless, not using ‘holiness’ or ‘transcendence’ as protection. He’s yours if you’ll have Him #EnjoyYourDay

The shepherds in the fields & the Good Shepherd in the manger were the same: drawing near to the sheep no matter the cost #EnjoyYourDay

He has entered our flesh, our frailty, our failures. U don’t have to lift yourself an inch. He’s come all the way down. #EnjoyYourDay

#ChristmasMeans the release of Adam 2.0

#ChristmasMeans humanity has a future - God's!

#ChristmasMeans "Jesus can deal gently with the ignorant & wayward since He Himself was beset with weakness.” (Heb5:2)

#ChristmasMeans the battle between light and darkness has been decisively won (John 1:5)

#ChristmasMeans the second half of the covenant is eternally secured: "I will be your God - And You Will Be My People."

#ChristmasMeans everything! After all, "the world was made so that Christ might be born.” David Fergusson

U don’t have 2 become anything ur not. Cos at Christmas He took hold of all that ur & brought it into everything that He is. #EnjoyYourDay

- What did Adam say to Eve the day before Christmas?
- "Looks like it was all worth it."

He’s the Bread of life, born to be consumed. Why else would you put Him in a feeding trough? #EnjoyYourDay

“@danielsojourn: If we fail to connect Bethlehem to Calvary, we will perpetually have merely a baby Christianity.” And an inhuman atonement

Why Christmas? 1 answer: So “He can deal gently with the ignorant & wayward since He Himself is beset with weakness.” (Heb5:2) #EnjoyYourDay

#Lev17 Jesus says: "My Life is in the blood and I have given it to you to make atonement." He holds nothing back. #EnjoyYourDay

#Ps116 "Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you." Count the ways and #Enjoyyourday

Creation is not an archaeological dig with the intrepid piecing together the clues. It's a preacher, unmistakably heralding God's Glory.

"The heavens drop hints about the power of a creator. The skies give clues of his intelligence. Day after day they display evidence" <- nope Older Christians viewed creation as the theatre of God's Glory. We see it as an abandoned museum (the clever can piece together some clues) "All authority in heaven&earth" does not lie with fate, chance or distant powers. It lies in the nail-scarred hands of Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

“The LORD will go before u [into the new year]. The God of Israel is your rear guard [having dealt with the past]” (Is52:12) #EnjoyYourYear

If the Psalmist compares himself, it's to the LORD or the wicked. Many Christians spend their time comparing themselves to other Christians

No need for you to make a beginning. Christ is “the Beginning” (Col 1:18). In Him all things are forever new. #EnjoyYourYear

A friend just quipped "See u next year". I said "YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WILL DO *TOMORROW*. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE? YOU ARE A MIST!" #biblical

U may want to go over old ground & do it right but the 2nd Adam did that already. Now the God of Hope moves us ever forwards. #Enjoy2015

Jokes about pregnant women with fat babies are inadvisable. I'd give them a wide birth

Gordon Ramsay is proof that you can judge a cook by his bover

My dentist says no boiled sweets for Christmas. Bar humbug

Mary and Joseph should have tried France, there are ready mangers everywhere

I know tasseography and oceanography sound like fun but you’ve got to read the teas and seas

"And, like, Jesus fully committed to radical cruciformity and non-coercive relationality while investing in life-sharing mutuality. Man"

Feel you don't have it in you to be a Christian? You don't. But don't worry, it's all in Jesus (1Cor1:30) - and so are you #EnjoyYourDay

I get that some explanations of "law and gospel" can sound contrived. But if it's a restatement of "Adam and Christ", who can object?

The LORD's unfailing love&cleansing are not 4 the Ideal You. They're 4 the you that's been a sinner from birth (Psalm 51:1-9) #EnjoyYourDay

A Decent Shepherd mends fences. What kind of Shepherd DIES 4 sheep? Jesus. And He rises 2 know you & give you life 2 the full #EnjoyYourDay

Temptation is not a siren song. It's the cry of your "old man" drowning (Romans 6:1-14)

If you think you need to "preach the text" on one hand *and* "get to Christ" *on the other* - you have a Nestorian doctrine of Scripture.

Our sorrows are not senseless. They are seeds. (Ps126:5) A jubilant harvest is coming, far exceeding the tears that we sow. #EnjoyYourDay

There are no hidden catches, no secret levels. God is completely given 2u in Jesus (John3:35f). If u have Jesus u have it all #EnjoyYourDay

To those worried about making The Right Decision.... Remember, even if you choose perfectly, you're still forgiven. #EnjoyYourDay

No need to atone for the past. Nothing to prove in the future. #EnjoyYourDay

He is completely open to you (Jn15:15). He is completely given to you (Jn15:13). What a Friend we have in Jesus. #EnjoyYourDay

How patronising to sing "Do they know it's Christmas" to Africans when 20% of UK kids think Jesus is a footballer

God is not hidden behind Jesus. In Jesus - with arms outstretched to the world - He is revealed in radiant glory. #EnjoyYourDay

O ye of little faith (Matt16-17) - Be ye like little children (Matt18).
It's not so much that our faith has to increase. WE must decrease

Hilarious blindness from #BBCNews on what caused the truce on CHRISTMAS DAY. Maybe it was the power of football ON CHRISTMAS DAY. Who knows?

Crossword clue: "Spring-like (6)". Simultaneously Emma and I answered with utter certainty. She said "vernal", I said "bouncy".

As lost as ur in Adam is as saved as ur in Christ. The wretchedness u feel is more than matched by the righteousness He gives #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ, ur not just loved with the love that belongs to Him. Ur also liked with the like that He deserves #EnjoyYourDay

When a fool is chosen for a role it's explained as "a political appointment." This explains little about the choice but much about politics.

Your home is where His heart is. #Ex28 #Heb7 #EnjoyYourDay

"The law says, "do this" and it is never done. Grace says "believe in this" and everything is already done." Luther, Heidelberg Disputation

"God is committed to His name" = "The Father is committed to His Son" = "The triune God is determined to be the Gospel God of Exodus 34:6-7"

For the outcast & weak the LORD upholds, feeds, frees, gives sight, lifts, loves, watches over & sustains #Ps146 #EnjoyYourDay

- I've been demoted from donkey in this year's nativity play. Now I'm just one of the wise men's gifts
- You must be fuming.
- Incensed!

There are still spaces between the hub and the rim if you want to join our tailor made human wheel. DM me for our be spoke service

If you're just after a staple diet I recommend a fastener food restaurant.

Contract killing is pre-mediated murder

- “You are charged with breaking, entering then eating Ms Owen’s food. How do you plead?”
- “I’m her secret Santa”

- Those Japanese poems are genius.
- Meh, I’d call them High IQ.

Carlos won't say hello till Pedro shakes hands but he's shy after Fernando blanked him. I guess that's the problem of Mexicans standoff-ish

Every time I ask my wife for specifics she says "Wocka, Wocka, Wocka." She's fozzie on the details

Ton or tonne? I could go either weigh

Jesus said "You must be born again." He didn't say "You must know when it happened."

The week does not begin today with u & yr work. It started y'day w Christ & His grace. B4 u take a step ur on top of the world #EnjoyYourDay

The bad news: You don't have what it takes. The good news: You have everything He gives. #EnjoyYourDay

#ChristmasMeans God didn't send a manual, He sent Immanuel

Other religious figures "comment on your status." #ChristmasMeans Jesus shared your status.

Whatever distance we've put between ourselves & God, Jesus bridges it. If we belong to Christ, we're in the Father's embrace. #EnjoyYourDay

"I am among u as one who serves" "He emptied Himself" "For yr sake He became poor" "The Son of God loved me&gave Himself 4me" #EnjoyYourDay

God does not grant you a tentative pardon. In Jesus He gives you Himself, for free and forever. #EnjoyYourDay

So much "teaching" on the Trinity assumes that it's a separate and difficult subject rather than the basic structure of Christian faith.

A lot of Christians - while "teaching" the Trinity - talk believers *out* of their confidence in knowing God. It's desperately sad.

NB: If ur explaining Trinity, ur just giving believers a vocabulary 4what they already know. They know the Father thru the Son by the Spirit

It should be: "U KNOW the Fatherhood of God, the mediation of Jesus, the filling of the Spirit. UR already profoundly shaped by this truth"

There are 2 kinds of death: A) sleep, B) torment. If ur in Christ, u will never taste the latter (Rev2:8-11) #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling your baby in the womb is a wonderful experience of 1Peter 1:8

Your true identity is the name *Jesus* has for you. One day all will be revealed (Rev2:12-17) #EnjoyYourDay

We exhaust ourselves making (or hiding) our reputation on earth. One day we’ll be acknowledged b4 all heaven (Rev3:1-6) #EnjoyYourDay

"The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all those who are bowed down." Psalm 145:15

Why not #trychurch in the run-up to Christmas? Like an advent calendar with people for chocolates. Message me for suggestions in your area

We wonder where we belong, one day Jesus and His Father will put their name on us forever (Rev3:7-13) #EnjoyYourDay

God does not keep His power/presence/privilege to Himself. He invites us to sit with Christ at His right hand. (Rev3:14-22) #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism is pastoring the unconverted. Pastoral care is evangelising the converted.

What's your 'special possession': the thing u'd run into a burning building to rescue? For the Lord, it's YOU (1Pet2:9;3:18) #EnjoyYourDay

The Pharisee says "I am better than the unbeliever but their lot on earth is better than mine." The Christian says the exact opposite.

I see Pharisaical evangelism everywhere: Christians making out that they are superior but the Christian life they're offering is inferior.

He turned away any who came to Him full, but to all who came empty Jesus gave grace upon grace. He hasn't changed. #EnjoyYourDay

Burning the candle at both ends means no rest for the wick’d

I can confirm now that I’m a bishop

Scene: Wild West Saloon. Man in black stetson enters. All gasp.
- "Who IS that man? Everyone speaks of him in hushed tones."
- "His name is Sheesha Shooshar"

I was hunting high and low when I found 'Headlines and Deadlines'. It was a real A-Ha moment.

[Act 5, scene 8. Meeting of Dept. for Culture, Media & Sport]
-Shall we have a bank holiday in August?
-May as well
[Standing ovation]

"Hit the brakes you fool!" <-- career advice I spent the 90s working as a Damon Albarn tribute act - all a bit of a blur Australia's opposition leader, Bill Shorten, was born "William Longer" Extreme pig farmers put out all the slops Trojan Horse: one trick pony France's greatest prosecutor was Jack Hughes Italy's worst lawyer was Mia Culpa Israel's greatest legal expert was the Jewess Prudence Russian children wait expectantly for their Advent Calendars, housed within the final window of their mammoth November Calendars, etc, etc No one had thought to put windows in a calendar before. Suddenly I thought: add vent! Advent Calendars: Wait Watches I'm not saying John Williams is a drug addict, just that he's always making arrangements to score. I should have guessed that my documentary on English fast bowlers of the 80s would come a cropper. I've always had trouble making Small talk The calmest lizard was the camemileon The first salvaging contract for the Titanic has been awarded. Well done guys, take a bow.

I disagree w the backlash vs Sainsburys ad. They have an advertising budget, they could have spent it on chintz. They told a valuable story

The story was of *peace* not war & they are partnering with a charity *not* selling the associated merchandise 4 profit like John Lewis

Every filmmaker (in advertising or not) is looking to turn a profit. Sains have gone out of their way to turn the profits to a charity.

One more thing: If Christians share the execrable #WestJetChristmas consumerist orgies but not the Sainsburys ad, something is very wrong

Whatever valley you walk through, the Good Shepherd is ahead while 'goodness and love' pursue you. (Psalm 23) #EnjoyYourDay

From the overflow of the Father's heart His Word is revealed. His Word is Life, Joy and Forgiveness (Matt12:34; 1John1) #EnjoyYourDay

The threefold Name be upon you: Blessing/Keeping; Shining/Gracing; Giving Presence/Peace (Num6:22-27) #EnjoyYourDay

Preachers worry about whether to address Christians or non-Christians. The problem is solved if we preach to *sinners*.

The Judge of all is your Advocate! #CantLose #EnjoyYourDay

Discernment is not about figuring out what words and actions will elicit the response you want. That's called fear of man / manipulation

Discernment is figuring out what is from the flesh and what is from the Spirit. If from the Spirit: do/say it and trust God for the results

Often our desire for "guidance" is a desire for a crystal ball to protect us from hardship. Real guidance might lead us into hardship

BTW what is from the Spirit will be biblical, Christ-exalting and cross-shaped. Otherwise it's just the flesh in a husky voice

There is a God who reigns from the cross, turning deicide into divine glory. He will redeem you from *all* evil. (Gen 48:16) #EnjoyYourDay

If you're evangelistically bold but church-shy you're basically saying "My personality and methods are more compelling than Christ's body."

Our hearts go out, but not like His: "When the Lord saw her His heart went out to her. He said 'Don't cry'" Lk7:13 #EnjoyYourDay

The true Lord of this world is not death, decay, power, money, fate or some uncaring god. It's Jesus and He's for you #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever it holds, today is another day closer to seeing His face. #EnjoyYourDay

"Church is so alien to non-Christians" complains an evangelist. Exactly! And evangelism is an extended invitation to this strange new world

My mum told me I was born in Canberra. Because I trust her I don't constantly assert the authenticity of my birth certificate.

God speaks in the Bible. Constantly asserting documentary evidence tends to undermine our stated belief that the Bible is God's word.

So much 'evangelical scholarship' simply uses a bottom-up, liberal methodology but happens to come to conservative conclusions.

In Adam - tho u'd done Nothing - u were caught up in curse. In Christ - tho u've done Nothing - ur heir of all blessings #EnjoyYourDay

Church is meant to be understandable AND overwhelming to the outsider (1 Cor. 14:22-25). We tend to be one or the other.

Our Saviour sent Kindness to justify you and poured out Cleansing to renew you. (Titus3:4-7) #Trinity #Salvation #EnjoyYourDay

Been driving to Scotland today, but what's been most exhausting has been listening to memorialist preacher after memorialist preacher.

Memorialist Preacher: You need to keep bringing to mind that you belong to Jesus
Real Presence Preacher: You belong to Jesus.

Teaching Colossians this weekend. My four talks: God is in Christ... We are in Christ... Buried and Raised in Christ... Walking in Christ

There's a God who has loved you to hell and back, and He has the scars to prove it (John20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

If u invite unbelievers to Christ's body as u invite them to Christ, u'll be preaching the right kind of repentance / 'cost of discipleship'

If church is not an integral part of your gospel invitation, then all your talk of 'repentance' will only create flash-in-the-pan moralists

< Which is why 'repent and be baptised' is so apt. The flipside of the old life is church life.

Feeling down? We have a lowly God who is with and for the downcast: Is57:15; Dan4:17; Zech9:9; Matt11:29 #EnjoyYourDay

Beauty goes skin deep - John 1:14

Ground down? The Lord's speciality is breathing life into our dust. Gen2:7 #EnjoyYourDay

Christian theology follows Christ - infuriating *both* Sadducees *and* Pharisees.

The Trinity acc. 2 Rev7:17: A God who wipes away all tears, A Shepherd who dies 4 His sheep, A Spirit who slakes every thirst. #EnjoyYourDay

Heb7:24-25 If you spot Jesus being frog-marched out of heaven, worry. Otherwise #Enjoyyourday

I'm considering a ministry to Sufis. The whirled is my parish.

Camus was a tricky philosopher to get your header round.

Shout Out to all the scapegoats

Of course his music depresses. If you nick drake, it's going to get you down.

My favourite Welsh tourist attraction is Abercus Castle. It's the fort that counts.

Morgan Freeman needs archive material for his documentary about opera. He keeps saying: "Get Bizet living or get Bizet dying."

If you want to reboot "PC: The Musical" the key is to delete the contralto

Mohammed Ali's self-assessment: "persona none greater"

I'll take my bandage off when it's goo'd and reddy

Aladdin's cave was the Mecca of holy grails

You found the definition of beneficial. Good for you

The Church of England has spread globally despite the fact its rites are reserved.

- Those are killer shoes!
- Not really, they're moccassassins

When Brian Cox attempts to address metaphysics I get the exact same feeling as when my PC tells me "Windows is checking for a solution"

When they came with their requests, Jesus was never heartless or helpless, never hurried or harried. HE reigns on high. #EnjoyYourDay

The answer to bad preaching is not 'a more dialogical form', it's better preaching.

There's truth to the saying: "Gospel ministers are called to faithfulness not necessarily fruitfulness." But it could mask a deeper problem

To be "faithful" one might imagine plodding obedience. To be "fruitful" one must abide in Christ. In this sense we should aim for the latter

Jesus knows your worst yet He loves you best. #EnjoyYourDay

Today is one episode. Whatever happens, the whole boxed set is a winner. #EnjoyYourDay

Sick of hearing a "gospel" that makes the Christian life sound like the second most miserable existence excepting hell

Crucified between two thieves with arms outstretched to the world, He prays Father forgive. Do you reckon He's for you? #EnjoyYourDay

In Acts 17 Paul does not give evidence for the resurrection. He heralds the resurrection as *proof* of his gospel.

Christ *appearing* is prominent in Paul's gospel (1Cor15:1-9) b/c the pinnacle of our hope is face2face (1Cor13) #ComingSoon #EnjoyYourDay

Thank God you never have to deal with tomorrow. (Matt 6:34) #EnjoyYourDay.

The oneness of God according to John's Gospel: The One and Only God is one with the Only True God (1:18; 10:30; 17:3). #WholeLottaOneness

If that's not the oneness of God you're thinking of, you're not thinking of the Bible's kind of oneness

We have a Shepherd for the darkest valley and a Lamb for the deepest pit. #EnjoyYourDay

22% of "evangelicals" believe the Father is more divine than Jesus. 51% think the Spirit is a force not a Person: LINK

The LORD is gracious. The LORD is good. The LORD is faithful. The LORD is righteous. The LORD is near. #Ps145 #EnjoyYourDay

Preacher: Does Jesus illustrate your point or does you point illustrate Jesus?

As surely as we're mired in suffering and sin so surely will we be raised to life and righteousness. 1Cor15:49 #EnjoyYourDay

"What good can come from this?" asks the sufferer. "What good will come from this!" exclaims our Saviour. #EnjoyYourDay

From the Talmud: "All prophets prophesied only for the days of the Messiah" (Sanhedrin 99a. p. 670).

Also from the Talmud: "The world was created only for the Messiah." (Sanhedrin 98b. p. 667).

"Christ alone" is an Old Testament doctrine.

In Jesus, God does not treat you like His child. You *are* His child. He *is* your Father. #EnjoyYourDay

#ScaryStoriesIn5Words The worst monsters are within

He was crushed for the crushed. He was lifted for the lowly. (Isaiah 53:5; 57:15). #EnjoyYourDay.

Those who set aside 'good doctrine' in favour of 'good living' are like farmers rejecting 'good seed' in favour of 'good fruit' (CF Walther)

Your emptiness is all you have. Christ's fullness is all you need. #EnjoyYourDay

As the nights close in, sun-bathing seems a distant memory. But Jesus promises something better sun-radiating! (Matt 13:43) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus signs all His letters "Yours forever". Whatever else He gives- commands/promises/warnings- ultimately He gives Himself #EnjoyYourDay

Emma's blog is read by Christians and non-Christians alike. I think it's cos she writes for neither, she just writes for sinners.

666666666666666666: a recurring nightmare

Thank God the Good Shepherd is going to round up evil

- Can you recite any of the Nazirite vows?
- Not off the top of my head.

I tried to invent a single-digit number system but it proved untenable.

Top Efficiency Tip: It takes a whole village to raise a child but only one child to raze a village.

Musical Youth were a passing fad.

I can't shed tears in public. It's a crying shame

I will pass your English exam, you mark my words

The filthiest radiographer was “X-ray Ted”

- You’ve only written 1000 Arabian nights?
- Is that a problem?
- You do the myth

Remember: Spring forwards, Autumn’t you put your clocks back an hour?

Each time I go to bed
I find a horse's head.
Just thought that I would share
My recurring night mare.

I don't think the Scarecrow was stupid, I just think he made a lot of straw man arguments.

- Try this jumper, I'm guessing you're a large?
- How did you know?
- I'm a medium

"D'you wanna be in my gang?" <-- clique bait. In 1979 Uganda missed a trick. Having deposed their dictator they should've called their elections a Multiple Choice ExAminNation I can't do self-portraits so I'm just gonna lie down on card and trace my outline. It's back to the drawing board for me Today I'm getting into the festive spirit - knitting a glowing disc into my hair. Happy Halowee-eve everybody. Tonight I’m dressing up like a spy. Spooky #Halloween The exception proves the rule. Always. I can never calculate my Body Mass Index right. I’m a bit dense sometimes

Today u COULD build yr flesh-powered CV or u cd be freed by knowing the surpassing greatness of Christ-yr-righteousness #Phil3 #EnjoyYourDay

As u wait 4 the mercy of Jesus...God is able 2 keep u from falling & 2 present u b4 His presence w/o fault & w great joy #Jude #EnjoyYourDay

3 ways to account for the problem of evil: Karma, Chaos or Christ. Only Christ lets u face the depths of the problem and hope for a solution

The first step in dealing with the problem of evil is making sure it's a *problem*.

"You're so vain... You probably think this Psalm is about you."

How does God feel about u? Indifferent? Fed up? "The LORD *longs* 2b gracious 2u. He rises up 2 show u compassion." Is30:18 #EnjoyYourDay

The LORD keeps no record of your sins! In Him is all your forgiveness so u can reverently serve Him (Ps130) #pardon #purpose #EnjoyYourDay

We're so keen to prove to atheists that we are *also* people of evidence. It's more fruitful to show that they are *also* people of faith

We feel misunderstood but we don't even know ourselves or what's best 4 us. Yet "whoever loves God is known by God." 1Cor8:3 #Enjoyyourday

In Luke22, it's not Peter's faith that "faileth not", it's Jesus' prayer! In the sifting we fall, in His lifting we're carried #EnjoyYourDay

#Luke22: By Satan we're sifted, ruthlessly, mechanically. By Jesus we're lifted, personally, prayerfully. Jesus is stronger. #EnjoyYourDay

For Paul in Athens, "the Unknown God" was the very opposite of a "point of contact". It was a point of utter confusion.

Paul's opening at the Areopagus: The one thing you guys know about God... you don't know God.

Jesus and Joshua walk into a bar. Barman says "Sorry Jesus, we don't serve your type in here."

Because Jesus is LORD, this day is not ruled by fate, chaos, karma or death. It's ruled by love. #EnjoyYourDay

“My friend knows that the world is sinking sand but she won’t come to Jesus, the Rock.” No she doesn’t. If she really knew, she'd come.

"My friend sees Jesus as the Son of God but he won't 'bow the knee'." No he doesn't. If he saw Jesus truly he wouldn't be able 2 stop bowing

God is certainly determined to be glorious. All He does displays His glory. But His glory is not self-focused, it's an outgoing radiance

Didnt dare use the pulpit today. Spoke from a lectern beneath while it quietly judged me: "That's no preaching laddie. That's barely a chat"

Jesus will transform our lowly bodies to be like His glorious body. In the meantime, we eagerly wait Phil3:20f #EnjoyYourDay

Whether it's the power of His resurrection or the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, today is 4 knowing Christ Phil3:10 #EnjoyYourDay

I'm so much more 'new media' that you all. How so? I'm going to the Christian New Media Awards as Emma's +1 #cnmac14

Romans5-8: Jesus rose to a life beyond death/sin/law/judgement into peace/righteousness/freedom/hope. This is your life now. #EnjoyYourDay..

Without God, you can feel proud for the good things in life, or lucky. But you can't feel blessed or thankful. Not really

Jesus is God's eternal "LIKE" coming down from heaven. So be free from every other need for affirmation and #Enjoyyourday

God's love is not shallow or distant. He's entered the depth of our humanity & brought us 2 the height of His divinity #EnjoyYourDay..

If you are a Christian your very element is now light and love, freedom and forgiveness. Col1:12-14 #EnjoyYourDay

"U were washed, u were sanctified, u were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by the Spirit of our God" 1Cor6:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Faith is not the condition of the gospel, it's the fruit of the gospel.

Therefore preaching a free gospel does not negate faith, it creates it.

Jesus joined the transgressors (Isaiah 53:12) so you could join the Trinity (Galatians 4:6). #EnjoyYourDay

- You've lived 30 years on Loch Ness and never discussed the monster?
- It never came up.

At tonight's antenatal class we learnt that the baby is rotated at the point of delivery. Must remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey

Mount Snowden: sneaky peak

Over-worked toilet cleaners get time off in loo.

One of the most audacious surgeries is to pluck the cheek nerve. It's second only to castration. That really takes balls.

Every Welsh town loves its sheep, but none more than Lambpetter.

They're friendly *and* the most multi-talented of insects: the pally moth

Wait, is reification a thing now?

You want More demonstrative pronouns? You're persistent, I'll give you That

"I hate myself, I'm ugly" usually means "I think I deserve to look better than I do." If u really hated yourself, u'd be Glad you were ugly

The LORD is compassionate & gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love which stretches from everlasting to everlasting. #Ps103 #EnjoyYourDay

A perfect description of how the flesh and the Spirit interact: "My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!" Ps119:25

Feeling lost? Don't try to find yourself. Finding a lost person aint much of a find! The good news is someone from Home has come to find you

In all yr suffering, know the LORD Jesus wooing u from the jaws of distress to a spacious place of freedom&feasting. Job36:16 #EnjoyYourDaY

Psalms 14-16 are a powerful law-gospel presentation. ‘No-one seeks God’; only ‘clean hands’ will do; then at last a Man conquering sin&death

Jesus knows out worst and loves us anyway. Therefore we have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, nothing to hide and nothing to prove #freedom

In the pub, if u give me an empty glass it's a demand (my round! I must pay). If u push a full glass it's an offer to be received & enjoyed...

...Jesus gives us a law filled full with his perfect obedience and gracious presence (Matt5:17). It's an offer to be received and enjoyed.

If Jesus' cross was worth it 'for the joy set before him', how much more will our little crosses be worth it. #futuresbright #EnjoyYourDay

"You need to Get your identity in Jesus" is not the gospel. The gospel is "Jesus has purchased u, body & soul, at the cross... He's Got you"

Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. #MaybeToday #EnjoyYourDay

Why does the *resurrection* prove that Jesus is Lord? Because apart from Christ, death is Lord.

We all want to take charge without taking responsibility.
The cross is Jesus taking charge *by* taking responsibility.

< Since this is so, there is no way to give responsibility for our sins to Jesus without giving Him charge of our lives. It's the same thing Everything heads for the grave but one man came back. He's worth investigating. Check out church tomorrow. Ask me for suggestions near you. In Christ, today's sins will be forgiven, mistakes redeemed, sorrows soothed but yr labours 4 the Lord will endure (1Cor15) #EnjoyYourDay Don't you wish you could be new? Free from the slavery of sin? In Jesus it's happened. #Rom6 #EnjoyYourNewIdentity #EnjoyYourDay Let's re-purpose a Luther quote... Preaching happens far above the preacher in Christ's own communicative grace, and far beneath the preacher in an evident love 4 the hearers << Preaching doesn't really happen on the preacher's level. It's not a polished performance in the hands of 'a communicator.' Preaching requires an effusive love of Jesus and an evident love for people, but beware of a substitute love: a mere love of *preaching* #Rom8 Here's what belongs to you: Creation, The Spirit, Christ, All Providence and the eternal, unloseable love of God #EnjoyYourDay ALL your sin laid on Christ. ALL His righteousness given to you. #EnjoyYourDay The top reason for a preacher to use non-Christiany language is to reach *Christians* with the gospel. We need to hear the good news afresh Don't feel like u 'deserve' 2b forgiven? U don't! That's why it's *forgiveness*. But "thru Jesus forgiveness is proclaimed to u" Acts13:38 Jesus is able 2 save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. #Heb7 #EnjoyYourDay The three Persons are not triplets. There is a shape to God's life. From Father through Son by Spirit and, so... OUT... "Preachers: Is *Jesus* the prize you hold out in the gospel? Or is He merely the ticket you get to something else?" (@mike_reeves) I will bring u out, free u, redeem u, take u as my own. I will b yr God & bring u2 the promised land, I will give it 2u. Ex6 #EnjoyYourDay "That moment you realise you shoulda listened to God and now you're naked in public!" #FirstWorldProblem If you seek your life you end losing it. You become less of a self - merely selfISH Hey @KendalChristianBookshop, can I get an RT, Kendal? We all know that dropping a church piano down a quarry gives you A flat minor. Not many realise that Gsus provides a major lift. #1PUN Looks to me like English coastal towns are just copying French beaches... #Plagiarism I find breathing techniques inspirational #1PUN No-one can be sure who invented the omelette au poulet. It’s a chicken and egg thing #1PUN Lost my job as a cowboy. I had 99.7 head of cattle but just couldn’t round them up. Don’t follow links to . It’s just clock-bait Usually introverts love my video games but they hate my new bespoke update: Personal Space Invaders #1PUN I’d love to join your miniature Hindustani band tonight. Unfortunately I can’t get a baby sitar #1PUN If you think I’m going to remake an 80s horror B-movie you’ve got another thing coming #1PUN I'm a career fisherman. Always angling for a promotion Life coaches eh? First it's "Reach for the sky" but then "Don't be a hero." You complain and they stab you & take your wallet. #LifeCoaches To lose one MP may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks #Reckless.

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