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We must be saved from our "wisdom" just as we must be saved from our "righteousness."

Sin is hard and hardening work. Christ's yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Hard to imagine Jesus responding to the question 'How are you?' with 'Busy.'

There's no faith in God without faith in Christ.

Our judgements of Music are like our judgements of Jesus- they constitute our *own* judgement. The Onion says it best

Jesus encamps around you (Ps 34:7). Before anything gets to you today, it has to go through Him. #EnjoyYourDay

It's just as "finished" today as it was 2000 years ago. #EnjoyYourDay

If you're a Christian you are "in Christ". And you can't get closer than "in". #EnjoyYourDay

The gospel is not a process, it's a declaration.

Sometimes satire says it best. @TheOnion God Admits Humans Not Most Impressive Creation  // The god of this age agrees!

All those wonderful things "we do for God"... how many of them are basically this?

There's nothing uniquely gospel-driven about "gratitude 4 salvation. " It's precisely the motivation 4 living the law. Ex20:1-2

Soon your eyes will behold the King in His beauty, they will see a land that stretches afar. Isaiah 33:17 #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ you are not only blameless in God's sight (Col 1:22), you are unblameable (KJV). #EnjoyYourDay

To say God is Creator is 1st to say He's a Source to be received from. Too often He's only spoken of as a Force to be reckoned with.

Creator means He *gives* life. Sounds obvious but needs saying.

'As you believe God to be, so he is for you' (Luther)

God does not dish out grace with a teaspoon. Your Father is a Fountain of life. #EnjoyYourDay

Belief in distinct roles and asymmetry can be Athanasian or Arian. Discernment needed. #Complementarianism #Egalitarianism

Once saved, always being saved. 2 Cor 1:10

Aim at 'radical truth' and you'll get 'balance' thrown in (eventually). Aim at 'balance' and you'll get neither balance nor truth.

Nehemiah 9 proves there's nothing NEW covenant about Spirit-led, grace-motivated obedience...

...The newness of the New Covenant is Christ upholding our side...

..."You will be my people" says God. "Here I am, I've come to do your will" says Christ. And the covenant is fulfilled.

'Free will' claims to be the language of love. Isn't love far more expressed by "falling for"/ "swept off my feet"/ "can't help myself"?

Christ lives in you. #EnjoyYourDay

"Outside of Christ, I am only a sinner, but in Christ, I am saved. Outside of Christ, I am empty; in Christ, I am full...
...Outside of Christ, I am weak; in Christ, I am strong. Outside of Christ, I cannot; in Christ, I am more than able...
...Outside of Christ, I have been defeated; in Christ, I am already victorious. How meaningful are the words, "in Christ." Watchman Nee

"Let me tell you, You have died! You are done with! You are ruled out! The self you loathe is on the Cross of Christ." Watchman Nee

"Both the child & the cynic walk thru the valley of the shadow. The cynic focuses on the darkness; the child focuses on the Shepherd" Paul Miller

Ben Meyer's one sentence summary of Church Dogmatics...
"God speaks a free and loving “Yes” to Jesus Christ; the event of this “Yes” is God’s trinitarian life & its corresponding echo is a creative...
...& redemptive “Yes” to humanity, so that God’s relationship to humanity is an echo & an analogy of God’s relationship to Jesus Christ."

You are not God's project, you are God's child. #EnjoyYourDay


Some recent Tweets from me.
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In Christ there's nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to lose. #EnjoyYourDay

"Faith is being conquered by the gospel." Anders Nygren

Your Brother rules the world, forgives all yr sins, redeems all yr mistakes & continues 2 speak kindly 2u (Gen 50:14-21). #EnjoyYourDay

Memorialist preaching: you don't actually offer Christ, you just bring to mind some of His works. #ZwingliLives

For evangelical Christianity the both/ands exist on the far side of some radical either/ors. This is the meaning of the "solas"

Baptism: I in Christ, once & 4all. Communion: Christ in me, continually. Both are words from beyond to a filthy, hungry beggar.

Faith is not a spiritual discipline. It's a spiritual desperation.

Rev 3:14 + Gen 1:1 = :D

Feeling empty, dry, hungry? You're meant to be. But Jesus is your Fulness, Fountain and Food. #EnjoyYourDay

The Bible never tells you to do anything 'for the sake of the marriage.' Instead, love your *spouse*. There's a difference.

John 1 does NOT say Now Jesus is the Ultimate revelation. It says that Always Jesus has been the Only revelation. Big Difference!

Where is Jesus in all this mess? Dunno but He's always more on your side than you are. Always

Where is Jesus in all this mess? At the deepest, darkest point.

Where is Jesus in all this mess? Standing for you against everything that got you into it. (Tho, madly, u still cling to much of it)

'Come and eat' says the Lord. 'You are not worthy. But you are welcome.'

Christ loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood. (Rev 1:5) #EnjoyYourDay

1) God wants all saved. 2) When He saves He does it all. 3) Hell is real. Three perfectly biblical truths 4u. What's difficult?

Christian or not, the assumption that we see things clearly is perhaps our biggest blind spot.

You know that death you fear? You died it 2000 years ago. Now you are raised, vindicated and reigning. #ChristIsYourLife #EnjoyYourDay

At some point I'd like to do a series of talks on these themes: Alone, Addicted, Apathetic, Anxious, Angry

Dear Christian, your sins and lawless acts I will remember no more. Love, your Father. (Heb 10:17) #EnjoyYourDay

The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Gates don't advance. The church advances. Hell can't keep it out!

All mistakes will b redeemed. All sins will b forgiven. All sacrifices will b repaid 100-fold. So what do u want 2 do today? #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus did not say: 'Now that I've washed your feet, wash mine.' We don't pay it back. We pass it on.

Jesus does not put us in His debt. He redeems us. Now we can liberate others.

Promises are stronger than commands. "You must" means you might not. "You will" is certain.

Waiters don't just list the specials, they serve them up. Preachers: don't describe the gospel, dish it up!

Jn 12:47-50: Christ only comes 2 save, only brings Father's words of eternal life. Judgement is standing against God's life-giving purposes

"Fear not little flock, it's your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." (Luke 12:32) #EnjoyYourDay

From Prophet > papyrus > punctuation > paragraphs > chapters >versification > footnotes.. the preservation of the written word > atomisation

If u read Jn 8:1-11 assessing how Jesus solves a legal conundrum u r the Pharisees! No, read as the sinner caught redhanded &only J can save

Jesus is not just the start or the finish. He's the whole Way. He comprehends you & the Father and all distance between you #EnjoyYourDay

Sensational verse on election: "U only have I known (chosen) of all families of earth there4 I will punish u 4 all yr iniquities" (Amos 3:2)

Your Father is Saving Mercy personified, Jesus is Kindness on legs, the Spirit showers u with renewal & rebirth (Titus 3) #EnjoyYourDay


Some recent Tweets from me.
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When we blame "the media" and "size zero models" for our culture's body issues, who's being shallow?

Sermons don't prepare you to meet your Maker. Sermons ARE meeting your Maker.

Preaching is not preparation 4 stg else (eg right living). It's proclamation 4 here&now. God IS speaking presently &personally

I sigh for the day when sighing will be no more. Isaiah 35:10

The heavens are evil. Our creators are killers. We must make contact &sacrifice ourselves 2 save. #gospelaccording2prometheus

We are brilliant and broken. Trouble is we're always trying to attach the word "uniquely" to one or other of those descriptions.

Don't be man-centred, be Man-centred. God is.

Islam: the bad (Judas) dies for the good (Jesus). Christianity: the good dies for the bad.

I in Christ am put to death. Christ in me implants new breath. Galatians 2:20

Christian teaching on sex, pre and post marriage: Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, DUTY

"It's not good news, it's the truth"- a friend's summary of much conservative evangelical preaching. 2often 2true!

While u were His enemy He died 4u, cleansed u, justified & adopted u. Now that ur His beloved, will He dis-adopt & damn you??

Arguing 4 the necessity of hell is like arguing 4 the necessity of the devil. It's real, eternal, fearful but not *necessary*

The Father’s bright Radiance is a light always going out into darkness to transform it (Matthew 5:38-48)

Divine Perfection = love 4 enemies, the wicked & the unrighteous. It's mercy 4 sinners. His glory is His grace (Matt 5:38-48; Lk 6:36)

Look up all the words of "The Angel of the LORD" in the OT. Then ask: Is He Liar, Lunatic or Lord? You can't have a mild opinion of Him!

Just imagine what might happen if we recaptured a true theology of the Word. #reformation

A good golfer can play the ball from wherever it lies. Jesus is like that - the redeemer from *all* harm: Gen 48:16. #redemption

Dear Preacher, don't aim to strengthen the shiniest 20% - bind up the bruised and broken 80%. Actually the shiny ones are broken too!

Jesus ascended blessing us and He hasn't stopped - Luke 24:51 :)

Don't read me the recipe, serve up the food. Don't preach *about* the gospel, give me Christ.

Look at any of the gospel events - incarnation, life, death, resurrection or ascension of Christ - & try telling me that God is self-centred

Christ doesn't die for us *so* He can love us. He dies for us *because* He loves us.

All you've ever got is Christ's righteousness. All you ever need is Christ's righteousness. Enjoy your day.

Preacher, pay attn 2the tone of the songs, prayers, confession &creed: Devotional, declarative, doctrinal. Does the tone of yr sermon match?

Brighton: home town of the elder prodigals - a far country full of older brothers. Even the name's an imperative: Be Right On!

Either live by the external Word or die by a thousand internal judgements.


Some recent Tweets from me.
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No-one can hang their faith on a conditional. Preachers must *actually* offer Christ.

In their rush to defend the 'reality' of hell (which is right), some end up speaking of the 'necessity' of hell (which is unwise).

The movie hero who says "I shouldnt even be here" is deeply messianic. Like David coming to a battle that wasnt his to fight.#thankyouJesus

Peter's evangelism = the opposite of ours. It ended with *God* making Jesus Lord, not the hearers. #Acts2

Also, "what must *I* do?" was the hearer's response not the preacher's goal! #Acts2

Jesus did not say "You really ought to be my witnesses." You *will* be my witnesses - Acts 1:8

God's grace is not his "sweet side"! It's His blood-earnest, irreversible decision to knit His being to ours in Christ.

Suffering well is the indispensible prerequisite for witnessing well.#1Peter

There aren't so much 'proof texts' for evangelism because evangelism is not so much a duty as a life.

Evangelism flows out of the shape of God's life, the shape of God's people, the shape of God's word.

Paul warned Ephesian elders "savage wolves will come in among u". What do u imagine? I imagine *legalists*! Col 2; 1 Tim 4; ALL OF GALATIANS

Jesus is your standing with God.

Living by grace aint about lifting piety above practicality. Its about lifting Christ's piety And practicality above mine!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE HE CHOSE THIS! DOES HE EVEN KNOW ME? I'D RATHER D.. Oh, it's actually quite nice."#everyepisodeofdonttellthebride

Avoiding legalism is legalism. Only Jesus saves.

Jesus aint the Bait, He's the Bread. The Father aint the Hook, He's the Baker.

The new birth is a theological reality not an evangelistic programme.

The new birth is a status not a step. And it's as out of our reach as being forgiven, justified, raised, adopted, chosen, etc.

Aim for "new birth" and you get neither new birth nor Jesus. Aim for Jesus and you get both.

"Decision" is not the entrance to a new life. Decision *is* the old life. "Chosen" is both the entrance and the essence of the new life.

Christian life is not 'decision' + 'discipleship'. If u've begun w decision yr discipleship wont be His life lived, only your life pietized

Resolve says "I refuse to be a sinner, Lord prevent me." Repentance says "Surely I was sinful from birth, Lord have mercy."

Ever heard teaching on pride that sounds just like that line from the worship song, "It's not about MEEEEEEEEEEE"?

Look at modern evangelistic methods & "successes" and you'll say what Luther said of Rome's system in 1510: "who knows whether it is so!"

Num 13&14: we ought 2 spy out our inheritance guaranteed by Joshua's firstfruits. Instead, Num 15:39, we spy out the lusts of our hearts & eyes

"Sin separates us from God" - so says every evangelistic presentation I've ever seen. Isn't it the reverse? Our separation leads to sin!

Global evangelicalism is characterised by "our choice 4 God"- Diarmaid McCulloch. Theologically that's backwards. Practically he's spot on.

Christ is in the OT in Person, through Prophesies and by Pictures. The 1st is the foundation of the other two.

'If you feel far from God, guess who moved?' Jesus did. Right into God's presence. And He carried you with Him.

Do you feel more free as a Christian than you did as a non-Christian? If not, maybe you're living under law. Gal 5:1


You'll have noticed my blogging output aint what it was.

Part of the reason is my recent discovery (which you all made years ago): most of my blog posts are nothing more than tweets inflated by a hefty dose of soap-box rhetoric.

So, for those not subscribed, here are some rants limited to 140 characters...

- What's the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus.

- Just seen Apprentice 1: Starting out calling your team "Phoenix" is a particularly supralapsarian move.

- I'm always hearing "Such and such a place is spot on theologically, they're just quite unloving." Nonsense. They Must be wrong theologically

- If u just preach hell as future threat u concede that hell aint essentially Christlessness & it aint that bad. #hellisnow #john318#rom118

- Christ's work does not 'make possible' a relationship with God. If that were true all our work would be ahead of us...

- ...Christ's work renders all our work as filthy rags - including the work of 'having a relationship with God.'...

- ...Christ IS my relationship with God...

- ...Which is why atonement debates over "Penal Sub" vs "Christus Victor" are inadequate. Deeper still is Christ's *ontological* achievement

- ... Or to put it another way: Christ aint just my slaughtered goat, nor just my scapegoat. He's my high Priest. And He's sat down!

- I want to write a book on Luther, from "Bondage of the Will" to his dying words. I'd call it "Choosers can't be beggars."

- Jesus is not calling you out of comfort into service. He's called you from cocoons into real life.

- Maybe u thought you were sacrificing comfort in order to be godly. Actually Christ was removing your chains and giving you joy. Phil 3:1-11

- Why we don't connect in conversation: we spend our time Proving ourselves, Protecting ourselves and Pleasing ourselves.

- Sick of 'Jesus is Lord' interpreted according to Caesar. Didn't Jesus explicitly define His Lordship in opposition to the Gentiles? Mk10:42f

- If you think 'I AM WHO I AM' is about divine self-sufficiency, remember: It's spoken by the LORD's Sent One (Ex 3:2,14)

- For every use of 'gospel' as adjective I want 3 explanations of the noun & if u bang on abt gospel-centred by golly u'd better centre on it

- Ever noticed: James Cameron's (& the popular) cosmology is the reverse of Bible's: the Abyss is friendly, the heavens have malign 'Aliens'


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