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My name's Glen Scrivener. 39 years old. Husband of Emma, father of Ruby and a minister in the Church of England here in Eastbourne, UK.  I work as an evangelist, directing the ministry Speak Life. My evangelistic outline is called 321 and it comprises a book, a course and many other resources. These are my sermons, my videos and my songs, but if you want a snapshot of my blogging in 1000 words (and 100 links), well...

Blogging has its problems, but besides trying to have a laugh, this is what I've been trying to say:

I'm essentially a grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone guy.  And I believe that this is true just as much for revelation as it is for salvation.

Therefore Christ the Truth means Jesus is not just the one Way or one Life, but the one Truth of God.  All truth - is in Jesus. This means all our thinking about God must begin with HimNot some Christ-principle but Jesus of NazarethNot some divinized ideal but the actual Jesus of the Gospels.

When we do this we realize that Jesus is God-sized and God is Jesus-shaped.  Thus we see the cruciformity of the Christian GodThe Lamb is at the centre of the throneGod's perfection is in His mercyHis glory is His self-giving.  This is unlike popular teaching on God acting with ultimate self-regard.  His glory is NOT His self-centredness but His other-centredness.  (Don't worry, I'm still a Trinitarian hedonist.)

Our God, most fundamentally, is trinity.  He is One and ThreeGod's One-ness and Three-ness are not un-coordinated perspectives.  Rather the Oneness of God simply is the communion of these concrete and particular Persons.  To approach God's oneness in this way guards against many errors and brings many benefits.  It also sheds light on how our own communities should be, whether that's marriage, family or church.

Of course this christocentric, trinitarian approach is not a New Testament novelty.  Christ has always been the object of faith and hope for Old Testament believers. He is the Hope of the Ages - just study Exodus to see an example of it.  Revelation has always been on a trinitarian dynamic.  The Hebrew Scriptures give us a trinitarian witness on their own terms and in their own context.

From this it becomes obvious that there are no true understandings of God that are not Christ-centred, trinitarian revelations.  Neither reason, nor creation, nor religion (be it biblical or unbiblical) can offer us stepping stones towards true knowledge.  We either begin with the Christ, the Son of God or we don't begin at all.

This has important implications for apologetics and evangelism.  For one thing, Christ alone and Grace alone means we must believe in Revelation alone.  The direction of travel is always down from on high.  The Gospel is not a good idea instead it is proclamation of things that have already taken place.

Yet this does not make us reductionistic.  No, from Christ we can reason truly and understand the wealth of God's revelation in all the universe (even if we adopt views on creation at odds with the scientific majority). But actually all worldviews are religious - even the materialist ones.   And all modes of enquiry follow a theological method: faith seeking understanding.

All of which is to say that 'Christ the Truth' is the true lens through which to see all of reality, be it science, marriage, gender, porn, manners, sickness, tragedy, comedy, whatever.

In all things we must realise that the God with Whom we deal is never an abstract deity but always the very concrete Jesus with His Father and Spirit - He is always and at all times irreducibly the God of the Gospel.  And His being is unfolded and expressed precisely in the gospel economy.

Because He is love - a spreading goodness - His being is always towards our salvation. This is the way of the LORDHe determines to rescue us because He delights in us.

Thus the Father sends His Son to lay hold of our humanity in incarnation, to live our life through trial and temptation and to work out our righteousness in our place and on our behalf.   Then He died our death in crucifixion.   He was born again when He rose again as Head over creation and ascended to the Father's right hand in glory.

Humanity is not free to choose participation in this lifeWe contribute nothing to this salvation.  Rather we are freed by the Son to enjoy His statusI am in Christ and Christ is in me.  Thus we find ourselves as those already embraced by this triune God.  We find ourselves participating in this divine nature - loved with the eternal love of the trinity.  This is not a mush of groovy feelings but is enjoyed concretely as a cruciform life of cheek-turning.

Faith is not a thing we contribute to this salvation. It is a looking unto Jesus - the very opposite of self-regard.

In this we find our identity - not in personality types but in Jesus.  We find our assurance - not in personal piety but in our perfect Priest.  We find our encouragement - far above and beyond ourselves, in Christ who is our righteousness. Since this is so, sinning really isn't the worst thing - refusing His forgiveness is.   We respond to sin by looking away from self to our Champion.  This is not cheap grace, but true discipleship and in this we resist the devil.  In such discipleship boasting is out and humility is in.

Such a gospel overflows in our hearts with singing and poetry and other creative things.   But most of all with proclamation - we believe therefore we speak.  Preaching is basically the heralding of our Champion's victory.  You can listen to my own approach with these evangelistic talks or with sermon series such as Church in the Wilderness or Gospel alone.

There are ten things you should definitely avoid with preaching and there are ways of getting better at it - but we need to think carefully about themOur proclamation is itself the Word of God.  And there is incredible power in it.  What we need is truly Christ-centred preaching and evangelism.  And this is our task as we await the return of Jesus - not the moral/social/political reformation of society (or even ourselves), but the proclamation of King Jesus.  And its point (its application if you will) is not moralism but always to look to Him.


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  1. Marcus Honeysett

    thanks for leaving the encouraging comment on my blog, Glen. I couldn't agree more. It seems to me that repenting often and having soft hearts towards the faithful wounds of friends is crucial to Christian growth but too-often lacking. Let's encourage everyone we minister to to stay soft-hearted and make all of life repentance (a la Tim Keller and co.)

    Blessings on your day


  2. neilrobbie

    Hi Glen

    I've clicked through from the Unashamed Workman and thought I'd say "hello". I hope you are well and enjoying the sunny South. God has been pleased to keep me and mine in the heart of the Black Country and I've been in post for 9 weeks. So far the honeymoon is a happy one.

    Love to you and yours


  3. Glen

    Hi Neil,
    Great to hear from you. Hope the new role is a real blessing. We're enjoying Eastbourne. Halfway through curacy. Good place to be.
    Love Glen

  4. Will

    Just wanted to say I found your blog to be quite have given you a link. May God bless your ministry and your household.

  5. Erik

    I arrived here on your site via "Blog of Dan and his 'most enjoyable sites of 2009'.

    I enjoy your Christ-centered focus here.

    Keep up the insightful posts to the glory of God Glen!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  6. Glen

    Hey Joshua, glad to meet you. I'm an Anglican (from Australia) here in the UK. Have you made the opposite journey? From your blog it looks like you have Scottish roots?

  7. Joshua

    I am from Oz also. Mum is a Scot, I speak the language of Eden a bit too. I served for two years in Scotland after Bible College.
    I assume that you graduate from the 'other' Bible college. ;)
    A lot my mates are grads from there, Marty Telfer, Will Orpwood, Tom Hargreaves.

  8. Jack Lannom

    Dear Glen,

    Wow! This was so edifying. You are teaching sound Scriptural doctrine, that gives all the glory to the Lord and exalts the Person and work of Christ alone for our justification as well as our sanctification.
    I am a Pastor in the U.S.A in Florida. and I was preparing for my sermon and I came across your site. This has been such a blessing to find a like-minded brother who has a mature understanding of the Holy Word of God.
    Please call me some time. 954-445-2271 I would love to learn more from your teaching. I truly thank God for you my precious brother in Christ for all that our Lord has taught you about the doctrines of sovereign grace. I love your writing! Keep using your gift of teaching the body of Christ in how to mature in the grace of our Lord.
    In His grace, Jack H. Lannom

  9. Glen

    Dear Jack,

    Great to hear from you. I've just downloaded some of your sermons from sermonaudio. We seem to be preaching the great alone statements at the same time - glory! I see you also teach often on the trinity - a theme very close to my heart. I'll listen to them with great interest.

    Your encouragement brightened my day Jack. Thank you very much. I must get around to setting up a skype account and then perhaps we can chat further.

    Stay in touch brother.
    Every blessing in Christ!!

  10. Doug

    Hi Glen!

    I just came across your website and read your sermon on the new birth (March 23, 2010). Your explanation of being "born of water and the Spirit" (Jn 3:5) was very insightful. I think you also hit the nail on the head with the term "born again" becoming a certain brand of Christianity nowadays when it really has always been the very heart of Christianity. Anyway, I'm originally from Pennsylvania, USA, but I'm living here with my wife in Seoul, Korea right now when I came across your site. I showed her the site too and she found it very helpful and uplifting. I think God is using you mightily to spread the good news of salvation by grace and through faith alone in Christ. Keep up the good work and nice to meet you!


  11. Glen

    Hi Doug, it was a pleasure preparing and preaching that sermon. I got new insights into the new birth - especially as I studied 1 Cor 15; 1 Pet 3:18 and 'flesh' and 'Spirit' life. A facinating study!

    Every blessing to you and your wife in Jesus,

  12. thevicarswife

    Hi Glen. Just been checking wikio rankings, and your blog doesn't seem to be registered. The Church Mouse publishes a list of religious blogs. Was wondering where you'd rank! I'm very low btw.

  13. Glen

    Hi vicarswife! I always say I got into blogging the way Aaron got into idolatry. I just clicked some buttons and out came this blog. I'm completely internet illiterate. I don't even think I was aware of wikio until I googled it just now. I once registered with another blog-ranking thing - Technorati (only just remembered the name as I was typing). First time I looked I was in the top 20 religious blogs, next time I was 186. Never looked again!

    All I really know is I'm on the bluefish - and that's all a blogger could ask for!


  14. Pastor Hizekiel

    Dear Brethern,
    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. Let me introduce myself. I am pastor hizekiel from the agrecultural land of pakistan and I am serving the field of Lord Jesus.
    Before going to share the work of me for the Lord I want to tell that I accepted Jesus Christ as personal savior in 1989 did my pastrol training in 1998-2000 to date I have 13 rural areas to share the Gospel of Lord Jesus . in this field after having my call I am serving with my wife in the following areas:
    1- Chilldren ministry(Sunday school)
    2- Yuoth ministry
    3- Women ministry
    4- Evenglism
    5- Pastor work
    6- Church planting
    7- Biblical meterial distributer
    8- Home churches
    9- Bible semenars
    Today I have visited your website its really wonderful work. I offer myself to translate the Biblical articals, Commentries, studies and recording work in Urdu and Punjabi .We don’t have regular fund to run our Ministry. We do translation work to run our Ministry. I request kindly start work with us.
    May God Bless You.
    In Jesus
    Pastor Hizekiel

  15. marjorie

    I found your blog about 2 months ago through They actually mentioned The King's English and I got here from there. Now they have King's English on their permanent blog roll.

    Your writing is a great encouragement to me. This page is wonderful itself and I look forward to exploring the links contained in it. I just read about "he saves me because he delights in me"

    Thank you.

    As Jack Lannon said above it is a blessing to find a like minded brother who has a mature understanding of the Holy Word of God.

    Emma's blog is terrific too.

  16. Glen

    Hi Jayshree,

    Do you mean the message that God has freely and undeservingly given us His Son Jesus to be our salvation?

    If that's the grace message, then I'm 100% for it!

    What do you mean by "the Grace message"?

  17. Jim McGuiggan

    Hello Glen,

    Im Jim fron North Ireland and found your material on 1Cor 13 very helpfull
    ( might be using it tomorrow at the table..... parts at least). Just wondered if your familiar with Peter Duesberg and his work on Aids/ HIV.
    If true ( Im convinced it is) a virtual genocide occured in the name of science at the tax-payer's expense.
    Let me know what you think when you get the chance.

    God Bless jim

  18. Richard Henderson

    Happy New Year from North Yorkshire.
    Was pointed to the link to your Anty Santy Ranty from the Christian Medical Fellowship forum (yes - I am a medic I'm afraid).
    With suitable acknowledgement I read your poem at a new year gathering last night - was much appreciated.

  19. robin claire

    A Note before my note... can you please add the "Follow" widget to your side bar so I don't have to to through Twitter to connect to you? Twitter and FaceBook are more complicated than my brain can handle. I'm very new at making computer connections with people.

  20. robin claire

    I know this sounds like advertising [which is a bad thing I’ve heard] but I must say it anyway since you are a full-bore Christian - like me. You can do as you see fit with it. Delete it at this point now if you wish. Anyway; here it is…..

    I am a "by grace alone" Christian. On my blog, I re-wrote the "about" page. It’s called “Who Am I?” and it tells more about who I am and a quick synopsis of my life. I would especially like you – as a like-minded Christian like me – to read it. I have seen Jesus, as fully in the flesh as one can get – one world to another. There are 2 “Pages” on top that tell the story of how I met Him in 1982. Also there is a page about feeding finches that really deepened my faith.

  21. Jonathan

    Hi Glen,
    Aussie churchplanter in Sydney. I've enjoyed having a look at your stuff. It's refreshing and insightful. You seem to love Jesus, and also you're a theological thinker. That's a very rare thing in our scene (I'm from a very similar college to Oak Hill, and friends with David Peterson).

    It's not easy to do theology in a non-theological tradition. Sounds like perhaps you've read some Bauckham and maybe even Moltmann. And you're thinking for yourself along with the Scriptures.

    I love how you're thinking a lot in relational categories, rather than abstract doctrines. Compared to the stuff they're dishing up in colleges like ours, that's a big step forward.

    I'd love to have a chat with you about the Holy Spirit. The Spirit doesn't get much of a mention in your description of what you're about. Doesn't appear to play much of a structural role in your thinking about Christian faith and ministry, as expressed here. And correspondingly, transformation as a category doesn't seem to be a big priority in what you're looking for.

    But I can see you're aiming to be truly Trinitarian in your thinking and teaching. It's not easy in our tradition. You've got to go back as far as John Owen to get much of that. It's taking me years to try to get the hang of it. Not there yet! I recognise a fellow traveller though.

    I've found Colin Gunton very helpful in this area. Wonder if you've come across him?

    I'm at and I blog at


  22. Glen

    Hi Jonathan,

    Just enjoyed some time on your blog. Especially liked your reflections on sin in Luke. I've just given a week of talks from Luke's Gospel and you're absolutely right that people's categories of "sin as rebellion" just get blown to bits by Jesus.

    Haven't read that much Bauckham or Moltmann - just God crucified / Crucified God and a bit of 'Trinity and the Kingdom of God.'

    I love Gunton, but perhaps I need to read more on his pneumatology. Good call. I don't particularly write /about/ "transformation" you're right (though my 'pastoral theology' tag is one of the biggest categories). I do hope that I write /for/ transformation though, and I'm always encouraged when readers tell me that this is indeed happening as they hear the gospel!

    Great to meet you!

  23. Jonathan

    Ha! You've read more Moltmann than I have then! I find him hard going...

    Glad to hear you're working from Luke's Gospel. I'm convinced it's the book we evangelicals most need, to sort ourselves out.

    The Triune Creator is perhaps Gunton's clearest work, dealing with the Spirit, that I've come across.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit The Grit.

    All the best Glen.

  24. steve melville

    The righteous need not apply!!!!!! Dude! Simplest gospel message ive ever ever heard. Bless u

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  28. Jennifer

    I was given your devotional book “The King’s English” which I am reading now. I’m a bit confused about your comments on Day 33 - Genesis 9:1-17 entitled Rainbow in which you explained that the rainbow was representative of a war-bow, a bow and arrow that was pointed at heaven. Then the arrow when fitted into the bow would be coming from earth and would be fired into heaven! Then if it is an arrow of judgement, it should be fired into earth!

    Can you explain a bit more in case my understanding is skewed. Would appreciate.

  29. Cobus

    Hi Gelen. Just listend to your debate on unbelievable with Musharraf Hussain. How does one add to the debate without making it look like it could have been done better? Here goes my attempt. If musslims believe that God cant become human, how and why did He spend time with us humans in the garden of eden? And how is it that we can go to God (heaven)once we die? ie God can make humans to be flesh and become spirit but He Himslef cant alternate between the two states? I agree with you that it does sound like islam is limiting God. There is a difference between can and cant and why? The necessity of it being done and the posability? Love your work. Thank you and blessings.

  30. Andrea Bodle

    Hi Glen

    I am an editor at CWR, Farnham, Surrey. One of our authors, Andy Peck, would like to include an extract from one of your blogs in his new book on pastoral care. Please could you contact me via email and I can let you have more details.

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  32. FredM

    Hi Glen,
    I'm Fred, a pastor in France, and I don't speak/read/write english very well, sorry !
    I have a single question for you : what do you think of "The Gospel Coalition" ?
    Thank you very much,
    in Christ,

  33. paul lawless

    I see you debating with matt Dillahunty and i felt he was better in the debate and may a lot more sense and what hear Christian talking about disable people there it seems to me not to put the blame on God and in fact it seem to me that the Christian always seem to find or discover away of putting the blame on the disabled themselves

  34. graham

    hi Clen , i listen to your debate with Matt Delahunty , i would love to be able to believe in god , but the
    god of the bible , is hard to love or even like and to be in his presents would be scary, one thought, you could not control
    of to hell with you ! God appears to have no love for his children , makes Adam and Eve only very good not perfect
    and foolishly gave them free will , mind you, surly god knew they would mess up sooner or later , like all children do !
    Then this loving father causes child birthing pains as punishment for his daughter ( geneses ch 3 vs 16 ) ? and what kind
    of a loving father would do that ? And Adam got weeds and the most dangerous insect on this planet ! the anopheles
    mosquito that has been responsible for killing half of the humans that have ever lived on this earth . Then puts uranium 238 into the crust, as it decays down to lead melts the crust and is the main cause of tsunamis , and radioactive isotopes
    are the main cause of birth defects and cancer . Not to mention drowning the whole world and millions of innocent animals, sorry kept 8 alive . As Matt said failure after failure !! Does god watch child rape and only weep ? Yes is the answer !

  35. g

    hi. sorry for my english. i have an interesting argument about the existence of god: say that we will see a self replicating robot ( lets say even with dna) on a far planet. do we need to conclude design or a natural process in this case? remember that according to evolution if its made from organic components and have a self replicating system we need to conclude a natural process because it has living traits. but we know that even a self replicating robot is evidence for design. therefore a penguin for instance need design too

    :as for the problems with evolution you may interested in this

    have a nice day

  36. Christina Wilson

    So glad I ran across your site. I had been looking for a site that reads the Koine Bible aloud with modern Greek pronunciation, and for some reason your site popped up. I've been blogging about Christ in the Psalms since 2010, not all at the site. I agree with you!! That's significant, because there aren't too many of us out here. My most recent thought that's been brewing a number of years is that God wrote the OT for his Son for the time of his incarnation, by way of a Father helping his Son through a difficult time. Not saying Jesus during his incarnation was the only audience God had in mind when he inspired the OT; but he was the main audience. I've combined this with a bit of science to explain how multiple audiences might work.
    In any event, I encourage you to keep on keeping on. The church's greatest need right now is to get back to Christ as its center--no, more than that, as its everything. Our voices need to be heard. Thanks, Christina

  37. Gino

    Hi Glen. I just watched the chat you had with Matt Dillahunty, and just wanted to say how lucky you are that Matt was rather kind to you. You made several fallacious comments, and I was very surprised Matt didn’t rip them apart! Anyway, I’m currently an angry atheist because Christianity has hijacked my wife’s brain, and consequently made her talk like an idiot. I honestly don’t know how you can possibly feel good about lying to people for a living. You can’t know what you claim to know about any god. I mean you no harm. Peace.

  38. Geoff

    Lying. What is it and how do you know is a lie?
    How do you know anything?
    Gino, how do you know what you claim to know: " You can't know what you claim to know about god."
    It seems that there are infallible and omniscient pre -assumptions at play, including:
    1 a purely materialist worl view
    2 any God there may be, is or would be unknowable, incapable of making themselves known, of revealing himself.
    3 there is no distinction between evidence and proof
    4 an assertion of truth that "there is no God" can be proved

  39. Nita Wiebe

    Glen; I really trust your teaching and would like to know if you have any teachings or resources on Restorationism - that there is still coming a time when nation Israel gets a second kick at the can and their land is restored to them. Something about that teaching, (prevelant in our church) really rankles my insides. Jesus says the guys in the vineyard had their chance and they blew it by rejecting the Son God sent. Yet the mercy of God allows them or anyone to enter the kingdom through faith not genetics. No favouritism or ancient land claim yet to be made by children of Abraham. All the promises fulfilled in Christ, yes and amen. No more need of a homeland...
    Like, either we are in the True Israel, (Christ) or not, right? He is where the true Israelites will be gathered to, right? He said he was going, not coming to prepare a place, and that place was beyond our imaginations, not a pithy piece of real estate by the Dead Sea...if being a genetic Jew still has some advantage, some unmet promise, I will need circumsizing, I suppose.
    yours truly, Rankled.

  40. Rebekah

    Hi Glen
    My name's Rebekah, I'm 15, and we watched your video of your poem "To End All Wars" at our livestream church remembrance service this Sunday (8th November). I write poetry myself, and I thought your poem was the most meaningful poem I've ever read! It's incredible, and I just wanted to share my appreciation for it on here.

    God bless and keep writing!

  41. Dot Buckley

    Hi Glen,
    You visited my school in St Albans a few years back, and spoke to a group of Y10 students about the Passover. Your retelling of it pointed them to salvation by grace alone.
    When my Y12 Debating group wanted to discuss the existence of God yesterday, and one of them talked about how the God of the OT is a stern God of judgement, your story came to me. I didn't do a great job of it, but the principle was clear: the sacrifice of a life is required, for people to be saved, and it is all by God's grace.
    So thanks for telling stories in compelling ways! I'm praying that those girls yesterday will remember something precious in years to come too!
    Every blessing
    Dot Buckley

  42. Ralph

    Please may I use your “ Christmas in a dark place” in the December issue of our parish magazine? I think that it is excellent.
    Many blessings.

  43. Harry

    Just a quick dropping by to say I really liked your conversation on Unbelievable with Bart Ehrman. I'm an ex-Christian and remain open-minded, regularly watching Unbelievable and other lectures, books, etc. But with your points, general way of communicating, I was really interested. Do more communicating - it suits you! I'll look out to see if you're on any other lectures, debates, discussions etc. =)

  44. Bill Feltner

    Hi Glen,
    I'd like to interview you (30 minutes recorded preferably on Zoom) for the non-commercial Pilgrim Radio Network, Christian radio with 9 full-power FM stations in four western states. I'd like to discuss your new book "The Air We Breathe." If you'd like to do the interview, would later this week possibly work? Thanks very much!
    Bill Feltner, Pilgrim Radio Network,

  45. Randy Newman


    I’m writing on behalf of The C. S. Lewis Institute in the Washington, DC area to invite you to be my guest on our podcast “Questions That Matter.”

    I’d like to discuss your book The Air We Breathe.

    We do the recording over the internet so you don’t need to go anywhere other than in front of your computer. If you like this idea, please reply to this email and I’ll have a member of our team work out the specifics for scheduling.

    If you’re not familiar with The C. S. Lewis Institute, we’re far more about discipleship than we are about Lewis. We like to say that we pursue “discipleship of the heart and mind” and promote depth the ways Lewis saw all of life under God’s design and goodness.

    You can see more about our work at:

    And you can get a sense of our podcast at:


    Randy Newman
    Senior Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism
    The C. S. Lewis Institute

  46. James massengale

    Dear Brother Glen,
    Heard you on Justin Brierly yesterday, first time, I then checked out Holland, you guys are a breath of fresh air, I've been beating this drum about CHRIST as the fountain of human rights since 2003!!!

    Anyway I may be of some help,
    First the war at Mars hill ACTS 17 was against the exclusivist AUTOCHTHONOMY of Athens, most cultures had a version of AUTOCHTHONOMY (from the land/earth) but with various creations from place to place. Paul hits that head on FROM ONE BLOOD EVERY RACE, Adam as true autochthonous, then one God in whom we all live, move and have being, therefore one common judgement in DIKAIOSUNE (see Aristotle BOOK 5 NICHOMACHEAN ETHICS, I call that Paul's Greek webster's dictionary of philosophical terms), by ONE MAN and God affirms that by raising him from the dead.
    This argument is the base of the Galatians statement of equity.
    On the issue of DIKAIOSUNE, equity, righteousness, judgement, justice and in Hebrew MISHPAT AND TSEDEK, we see that clearly developed in Isaiah in the prophecies and those precede Zeno and Aristotle by 300 years.
    In fact when I began this research CYRUS THE GREAT the medo-persian emperor was called the first to institute human rights instead of the greeks.
    This is interesting because Isaiah prophecies Cyrus as a type of messiah in Isaiah 45, and I would suggest Cyrus saw that and conformed to the expected righteousness because we have the evidence he funded the rebuilding of Jerusalem in Nehemiah.
    From there were have easy transmission of human rights subject to the greeks in contact with the Persian empire, the right time and place for Zeno to look into the Hebrew bible, and may have inspired Paul in Romans to say, WHEN GENTILES WHO DON'T HAVE THE LAW DO BY NATURE THE THINGS IN THE LAW THEY BECOME A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES. This same process also went east to the Zoroastrians.
    NOW let's jump back to the oldest book JOB, in chapter 9 Job says in paraphrase, I have a case in equity but I have no actual equality with God, I don't understand his side of the case, he doesn't understand my side of the case and I need a DAYSMAN (kjv term) a GODMAN to be between us and take up both sides in equity.

    The example I use is the SCALES OF JUSTICE , human rights one side and Gods Rights on the other, OF COURSE ALL WEIGHT (glory/kavod) is on God's side (that's why David says, against you only have I sinned, because the death of Uriah was first a violation of God's right to his property as creator, THE POTTER HAS THE RIGHT, before a violation of Uriahs right to life), but look at scale if we put the GODMAN on both sides of the scale, PERFECT BALANCE OF RIGHTS, right standing, etc.

    If we see an end times revival it's going to be on this issue. I end here for now, BTW I rarely check the email I'll just listen to you on the show.

  47. James massengale

    Thought you might be interested in this, it was a comment on the dignity argument.

    In a legal discussion of human rights the primary Rights recognized are life, liberty, and property. Intrinsic to a human life are the Rights of identity, integrity and dignity. To unpack that, Identity is the right to know your origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. The right of integrity is the liberty to live out your identity such that you're self walk matches your self talk. The right to dignity is to have others value your identity and integrity as they do their own. These are subjective as are all rights until they are enforced and because God dignified his identity in the integrity of Christ Jesus by raising him from the dead we know that equity in him requires we recognize it from conception by virtue of the dignity of the virgin birth that also demonstrates the integrity of the identity of the son of the father God.
    That being said, we have clear evidence in every one of modern crisis that to disturb any member of this Trinity of identity, integrity and dignity disturbs the whole because they are one. Gender identity, sexual integrity human dignity and these in turn affect the equity of recognition of life liberty and property.
    Is homosexuality dignified sex? Obviously not, this is why the homosexuals are using force and threat of violence through law to make their subjective perception of identity objective for the rest of us, but CHRIST will judge and we know this because God raised him from the dead. It may be that God infused me with a passionate desire for classic coke rather than diet Pepsi is that my identity, integrity of dignity? Advertising would seek to force me to believe so if it could.

  48. James massengale

    Dear Glenn,
    This is a copy of an email I sent to Tom Holland, I don't know if you work together but you seem to work on the same subject.
    It's an interview with Jason Reza Jorjani a gnostic scholar, the you interview is Zarathustra the founder of Gnosticism, or something like that.

    Dear Tom Holland,

    This interview is connects all the dots through Greece to Zarathustra via CYRUS from the gnostic perspective, and he brings it up to date through the Illuminati and masonry to the founding fathers in particular Thomas Paine.

    It clearly when compared with your work shows the war between light and darkness in Gnosticism against Christianity in the establishment of human rights.

    Now, again ISAIAH, JEREMIAH, AND DANIEL are the Three big major influences on the Persian empire through CYRUS and the MAGI because Cyrus believed Isaiah had prophecied him by name in Isaiah 45.

    I'm suggesting that Cyrus as a light to the gentiles typology of Christ was the influence on Zarathustra as much as Zarathustra may have been on him.

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