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Top Posts of 2015

I Gave My Life To Jesus - A video poem

"Stop giving your life to Jesus, He's the Giver delivered for you."

A Ton of Puns

100 of my least terrible one-liners.

Genesis 1 and Science

It's hard to think of a piece of literature more supportive of modern science. It affirms Laws Above, A World Out There and Minds Fit To Coordinate Both.

Preaching Judgement: Three Thoughts -

1) Our job is not to save God from the 'guilty' verdict;
2) We don't bring hell to the world, hell is here. We bring reality and then hope;
3) The quintessence of hell is not sin's recompense so much as mercy's refusal.

The Place of Apologetics In Our Proclamation

The summary of some lively discussions about apologetics and evangelism.

Quick Answers to Quick Questions

16 Twitter length answers to questions of faith (to prove that I do believe in answering questions!)

The Nature of God: Triune From The Beginning

In witness to Muslims, this is vital.

Cannonball feat. Given B - The Way Out Is The Way Down

Our Easter video including some stunning animation and an epic score from Josh Lucas and Guvna B.

Four Kinds of Christmas

Our multi-platform outreach this Christmas

Original Sin: What's Not To Like?

The doctrine of original sin is holistic, communal and authentic - everything our culture prizes.

Preaching Is Not Resourcing The Devout, It's Raising The Dead

The Sunday sermon is central to the church's missionary task. Here are some convictions that should revolutionise the way we approach it.

Little Child, For You

Why did we baptise our 6 week old daughter? Here are 21 reasons.

Selected Sermons:

Mission in Isaiah

Psalm 88: Can Despair Be Worship?

Shining, Sowing and Investing: The Nature of God's Outgoing Kingdom

David and Goliath: The Victory of your Champion

How Can God Forgive Paedophiles?

Promising Applicants or Little Children? To Whom Does the Kingdom Belong?

Various Other Creative Projects

BeLoved - our Valentines Day outreach

Jesus Our Risen Sun - a song especially for light parties.

A Poem For Trinity Sunday

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