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“You had me at hell…” Jerry M’aiah (Lam 3:55)

Your Mediator lays one hand on you, one hand on God and He's never letting go. #Job9 #EnjoyYourDay

'Happy are those who have a faith?' No. 'Happy are those who believe in sovereignty?' No. 'Happy are those whose God is the LORD.' Ps144:15

Imagine a Buddhist Lib Dem leadership candidate who Personally thinks meat is murder. If u say that disqualifies him, who's being illiberal?

Fascinating. Reflections on extra-terrestrial intelligence or the lack thereof #FermiParadox LINK

We'll enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy our crown. Gladness&joy will overtake us & sorrow&sighing will flee away. Is51 #EnjoyYourDay

For the Christian, yesterday's forgiven, tomorrow's forbidden, today is given. #EnjoyYourDay

This explains why the English think the Australians are arrogant and the Australians think the English are proud. Both are correct of course.

God>Devil; Christ>Adam; Spirit>Flesh; Church>World; Grace>Sin; New Creation>Old Creation; Glory>Suffering. #EnjoyYourDay

By the way, these are "greater than" symbols, not arrows. But I'm sure you can do the maths.

‘Our task is not to tell people that they must believe in Jesus, but so to tell them of Jesus that they must believe in Him.’ @SteveRHolmes

William Carey was a phenomenal saint. But he wasn't "the father of modern missions." The Father of mission is a role forever occupied.

Just got to use my favourite theological word. Equiprimordial. Let's get it #trending #Equiprimordial

In Isaiah, 4 times we are 'the work of God's hands'. Twice Isaiah *describes* God's hands: They are 'held out to us' & 'cut'. #EnjoyYourDay

Think of Job's suffering. Now think of ch42 where the LORD redeems it *all*. "He is full of compassion & mercy." James5:11 #EnjoyYourDay

What drives us: Looking good in the presence of judgement. What delivers us: Looking bad in the presence of love.

"Let's not go to church, let's BE church." Ok and "Let's not spend time with our spouses let's BE married."

#Psalm32 Christ has our sins counted against Him so that we can have His unfailing love surrounding us.

In despair we have Forgiveness for yesterday and a Future tomorrow but most precious of all, right now we have a Friend. Job 16:19-20

He's God's Son, the Spirit's Anointed and a Man for all men: Jesus, the Mediator, holds *everything* together. 1Tim2:5-6 #EnjoyYourDay

Spirituality 101: We come to God as unspiritual, thirsty, hungry and cold-hearted. (Isaiah 55:1-3). If we don't begin there we don't begin.

So much God-talk = "talk about 'Man' in a loud voice." (Feuerbach).
So much "missio Dei"-talk = "talk about 'missio hominis' in lofty tones"

God's mission - His outgoing, sending love - is not a response to the world. God's mission is the reason for the world.

"[God’s pleasure] is a pleasure in diffusing and communicating to, rather than in receiving from, the creature." Jonathan Edwards.

God has no need of galaxies, gorillas, guavas or you. It's all a sheer gift. We say "You shouldn't have." He says "I wanted to."

You are not needed, you are wanted.

Jesus is your Brother. He is not ashamed of you. Heb 2:11 #EnjoyYourDay

(1) God gives us our lives so (2) He can give us His life. And since we still don't grasp it (3) He gives us even the receiving of that gift

This is the doctrine of the Trinity. It's another way of saying "God is Giver."

If ur in on Jesus, ur in on Everything. 'The Father himself loves u b/c u've loved me & believe that I came from God.' Jn16 #EnjoyYourDay

How's your relationship with God? As good as your Priest's - Heb 5:1-9 #EnjoyYourDay

Thru wilderness trials the Father promises: "My Presence (Christ!) will go with you and I will give you rest." Ex33 #EnjoyYourDay

Wesley once said "The world is my parish." Wonderfully, through immigration we can say: "The world is *in* my parish." Timothy Tennent

The Son of David has a great "largeness of heart" (1 Kings 4:29). There's plenty of room for you. #EnjoyYourDay

"Now, about Thesis 1: I can only apologise." -- Martin Luther.

Breaking News: SpecSavers Shuts Down After Bible Study in Matthew 7. An internal audit will be carried out by PlankPluckers.

They've all tried, but no-one has really figured out why Emma married me. Pity.

Agnosticism could be wrong, you never know.

You think I'm obsessed with Bob Holness? O please!

I'd like to breed racing deers. I hear it's a great way to make a fast buck.

Every time I hear a hypochondria gag I wonder if I've got it.

I'm an all-or-nothing sculptor. For me it's full statue or bust.

I thought I was being triply penitent but no one appreciated my sorry excuse for an apology.

I'd like to open a massive clothing store called "Big Ts" and then refuse to sell any T-shirts.

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