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"Atheism isn't a belief, it's the absence of belief." Really? And I suppose anarchism is the absence of political convictions?

"If God made the world, who made God?" That's like asking "If the sun enlightens the earth, what enlightens the sun?"

"I don't believe in God." I probably don't believe in the god you're imagining either. Let's talk about Jesus...

"I could never be religious." Many say 'I could never be married' but then they meet The One. That's who Jesus is to me...

"How can u believe in the virgin birth of Jesus?" How can u believe in the virgin birth of the cosmos? Talk about miraculous

"Theres no need for God, science explains it all." I can explain that sentence. No need for you?

"If you grew up in 12th century Nepal you wouldn't be a Christian." If you grew up there you wouldn't be a sceptic.

"U believe we're born sick & commanded 2b well." No we're born hungry & offered Bread. As with the physical so the spiritual.

"Suffering rules out God." Which God? To be sure many gods are incompatible with suffering but what about the crucified God?

"To say Jesus is The One Way is narrow." But u insist on One Way to consider religions. That's narrow. The cosmic Christ isn't

"To say sex/marriage is for 1 man and 1 woman is homophobic." Think of a Buddhist. Is their vegetarianism carnivore-phobic?

"Religions cause all wars." Nope, about 7%. LINK God isn't the common denominator in war. Humanity is.

"Why doesn't God just forgive?" Ever tried it? It hurts! It means self-sacrifice cos forgiving a debt means absorbing the cost

"Christians are hypocrites." Christians are SINNERS so we must drop All masks including the worst one: the No-Hypocrisy-Mask

"I wish I had your faith." If I recommend my doctor, u don't need my faith in her, u need HER. U don't need faith but Jesus.

"If God knew there'd be suffering, why create?" Every parent knows their children will suffer, they give life nonetheless.

Good news, you don’t need to “find your identity in Jesus”! Christ IS your life. #Col3 #EnjoyYourDay

If everyone has a god then "divine sovereignty" might turn out to be a particularly empty tautology. The question is Which God reigns?

You say 'divine sovereignty', I prefer 'fatherly providence.' Or how about 'JESUS is Lord.'

Human religion: Humanity justifying itself before a watching God.
The gospel: God justifying God before a watching humanity.

To be in the Word of the Father IS to be in the book of life.

It’s not just your sins – *you* have been transferred to Christ. Now you inhabit the realm of the Beloved Son. Col1:13f #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not a means to other ends: salvation, heaven, forgiveness, assurance, etc.
He IS those things.

When Jesus came to the Jordan He didn’t Judge the failures, He joined them: entering our filth to bring us 2 His Family #Matt3 #EnjoyYourDay

Are you a Christian? Jesus is yours and you are His. Song of Songs 6:3 #EnjoyYourDay

Weeping then joy, anger then favour, mourning then dancing, the pit then the heights Ps30 One morning soon will be The Morning #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus was not serenely euthanised for our sins. He died in loneliness, ugliness, tumult & agony. A real Saviour for real sinners.

Gal2:20 Your "I" (active subject) has been crucified & no longer lives. Your "me" (passive object) is loved and laid hold of. #EnjoyYourDay

#5LeviticalOfferings: Old life condemned, New offered to God, Guilt cleansed, Recompense made, Peace secured. #ChristHasDoneIt #EnjoyYourDay

"Jesus the Name high over all, in hell or earth or sky. Angels and men before it fall, and devils fear and fly." #EnjoyYourDay

God's YES resounds from heaven at Christ. His AMEN booms back on our behalf&the Spirit seals us into the circle of trust 2Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

Saw my MP in London this week. She said she was off to respond to emails, the 1st of which ended "When will I get justice for me & my cat??"

As Word of God Jesus doesn't just keep God's promises, He *is* God's promise to you, earthed forever into your humanity. #EnjoyYourDay

When life feels beyond u remember it always is. "But this happened that we might not rely on self but God who raises the dead" #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling lonely and afflicted? The LORD Jesus guards u, rescues u, frees u, confides in u & forgives all your sins. #Psalm25 #EnjoyYourDay

According to "nature, red in tooth and claw": Death is the engine.
According to Jesus: Death is the enemy.

The gospel is the opposite of "nature" - the survival of the feeblest through the sacrifice of the Fittest

We've angels as our servants, saints as our companions, Christ as our Brother, God as our Father & a crown of immortality as our reward. CHS

He's King on high, the Seed to come, 'God with u', yr Sanctuary, heaven's gift, yr Counsellor, God, Father & Prince Isaiah6-9 #EnjoyYourDay

"If u could go back in time would u kill baby Hitler?" It's bizarre that this hypothetical assumes the best way to stop evil is by killing.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is burned as a witch.

"But if you wash your kids, you've gotta feed em too." Yeah, I say wash and feed em. Gets messy otherwise.

He's plunged down into our death & burst through into His life. His very being is an offer: to take our death & give His life. #EnjoyYourDay

"Thou shalt not steal" does not mean so much "This is mine so u can't have it." It means "This is genuinely mine so I can genuinely Give it"

Losing your life to find it is FIRST a truth about Trinity. The Son abandons Himself to the Father and receives back His life in the Spirit.

Losing your life to find it is SECONDLY a truth about Easter. Christ surrenders all to God and is then raised up by the Spirit.

Losing your life to find it is LASTLY a truth about us. If *God* is all about trusting self-abandonment, clinging on to self is anti-reality

And is that Chianti she's drinking as she sells off their livers?

If selling the organs of the unborn outrages you, how much worse is killing them in the first place?

To be outraged only by the organ harvesting is like telling Hannibal Lecter "Dude, u've finally crossed a line with that whole liver thing"

By definition following Christ makes you Christian.
By design following Christ makes you human.

God gives us Everything (His Son) and then gives us the Appreciation of Everything (His Spirit) 1Cor2:12. All for free. #EnjoyYourDay

In human religion, we work while the gods wait.
With the Living God, He works, we wait. (Isaiah 64:4)

Judgement is not God's dark side, it's where the blazing light of God meets *our* darkness.

'Everything that can be shaken will be removed' but 'underneath are the everlasting arms.' #Perspective #EnjoyYourDay

When I solved the anagram "COUNT A SNAIL GROT", I thought: congratulations are in order.

While the rest of my art class sketches nudes I study fruit bowls cos you’ve got to draw the lime somewhere.

Watch dogs have ticks

Chat roulette looks different in France.

The Greek debt crisis has been averted, all credit to the European Central Bank.

So we come to round 3 of our genetic engineering quiz: fingers on buzzards...

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my rye smile,
So call me Maizie.

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