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You may feel besieged by worries. Give them to your Father and know: it’s His peace that garrisons you (Phil 4:6-7)

Jesus promised us peace not ease.

"Jesus is getting on with destroying all rule, authority & power that sets itself up against God (1Cor15) - also known as saving the world."

That "also known as" from @Roryshiner 's "Raised Forever" is so vital to understand when thinking through judgement and salvation.

"We are invited to judge and to rule with Jesus (Dan7:18; Matt19:28; 1Cor6:2; Rev22:5). He's really into sharing." @Roryshiner


Jesus gives strength to the weary, grace to the guilty, worth to the worthless, hope to the hopeless. #EnjoyYourDay

Through the Righteous Branch, God never stops doing u good. In fact He rejoices 2do u good with all His heart&soul (Jer32-33) #EnjoyYourDay 

Your sins call down grace, your sufferings – comfort, your death calls you home. Life’s very worst can only make u better #EnjoyYourDay

I am not in Christ according to the flesh (by nature) but by the Spirit. Therefore I must be told the truth again and again. Hence preaching

You may be in the darkest part of the valley. Even there u r clothed in Christ, filled with His Spirit, adopted by His Father #EnjoyYourDay

Though clouds may hide it, the Light of the world has risen, the darkness is defeated, it’s a completely fresh start #EnjoyYourDay

His might dwarfs yr problems: they’re a drop in the bucket. His meekness draws u near: like a Shepherd gathering lambs. Is40 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus doesn’t just give u a fresh start. He IS the Beginning (Col 1:18) All things are eternally new in Him. U especially. #EnjoyYourDay

Once I prayed with a guy who kept saying: "We want to run towards You & not let anything get in our way." How different to "Walking IN Christ"

Intimacy with God is not the goal of our worship or discipleship - it's the foundation, freely given in Christ.

That's why I like to sing Matt Redman's song a little differently: "We're welcomed so we praise."

Jesus teaches that we neither know nor have life in ourselves. (John10:10)

We don't need topping up but raising up.

Forever the Spirit anoints the Son. Now He anoints His Bride. Soon He’ll anoint the earth & the deserts will bloom (Isaiah 35) #EnjoyYourDay

Original sin is simply the moral dimension of "death and taxes." It's an inevitability we're caught up in individually and corporately.

“Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” Jesus follows back #EnjoyYourDay

What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. (1 Corinthians 15:36)

We are His children and even Leviathan is His pet (Job41:5). There’s nothing our Father can’t - or won’t! - turn to our good #EnjoyYourDay

If u knew Jesus was praying 4u in the next room, what confidence u’d have! Distance makes no difference. He’s still praying.#EnjoyYourDay

Taste the coming kingdom: A land of wheat, barley, vines, figtrees, pomegranates, oliveoil&honey. U'll lack nothing. Deut 8 #EnjoyYourDay

The Gnostics used to preach 'special knowledge' to the 'spiritual ones.' Today so much preaching = instruction to the pious.

Whatever your weakness today, it’s God’s opportunity to work powerfully. 2 Cor 12:9 #EnjoyYourDay

"We were born sick, I heard them say it." (Hozier)

The Christian just says that this undeniable decay has a moral/spiritual dimension too. It's the holistic approach to our human condition.

He cleanses lepers, drives out demons, blasts the lofty, lifts the lowly, shoulders shame, conquers death & rules the world #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelists note: Jesus did not say "I have come to top up your life." He came to give us life. John 10:10.

Salvation is not a better life, it's life.

The gospel offer is not an improved life, a prosperous life, a pious life, a more fulfilled life. It's life.

"The Spirit blows where He wills" is not about His randomness but His reign. The verse goes on " hear His *Voice*." (John3:8)

Want to feel the wind of the Spirit? Don't grope around aimlessly. The Spirit sovereignly works through His Word.

Even now my Witness & Advocate is on high, my Intercessor is my friend… He pleads with God as a man pleads 4 his friend. #EnjoyYourDay

The fulfilment of the Old Testament is not the New Testament - it's Christ. And He fulfils the New too.

The Bible unites not so much in a plan as in a Person.

There’s a Battle-Scarred God who’s gone to hell & back 4 u. He meets u in Scripture to bring Peace and Awe (Jn 20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

Distrust is a deeper definition of sin than disobedience. You can - and many do - obey with a deeply suspicious heart.

As works flow from faith so rebellion flows from mistrust. Suspicion comes 1st. That's why Jesus says the world's sin in unbelief (John16:9)

God is not FatherLY. He’s Father. He’s not Like a Father. He. Is. Your. Father. #EnjoyYourDay

If u say of a church or institution "They're sound theologically just not very loving" u have a funny view of them, of God and of theology.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The secular world
Has blasphemy too


"Christ" flashes red
"Jesus" is "blue"
If flowers cause sneezes
Say not "God bless you"!


Tolkein would have loved Shaun the Sheep. Perfect example of a ewe-catastrophe

The inventor of manual RTs got the idea when he saw his parents' innards cannibalised by strangers. This almost makes me forgive him.

Next summer two film franchises will combine. It will be a kind of "Left Behind versus Jurassic Park." They're calling it "Raptor Ready."

- Ready for our orthopaedics exam?
- Yes I’ve really boned up. Have u studied the narcotics directory?
- Think I’m up to speed

My father was the humblest of celebrities. He was asked to launch the Christmas lights in Milan & Rome but he didn't bang on about It.

My new road kill cookbook encourages an entrepreneurial spirit within limits. It’s called “Nothing Vultured, Nothing Gamed.”

Is it just me or does the word synaesthesia smell funny?

- I can't stand all you cattle ranchers.
- Why?
- Cowboys, the lot of you.
- Cowboys??
- You herd.

- And that's when we told the Edge to take the silly thing off.
- Hat’s off to U2.

The beliefs of ISIS are deeply pogromatic

Pedantick editors make me sic

"All you can eat" customers can get stuffed

Linear/analytic/detail thinkers are not right in the head

Prisons where the *warden* escapes have a screw loose

Those East End gangsters – theys Kray Kray.

I went to a terrible East End eatery. Just offal.

Remedies for diaphram spasms can shut the hick-up

You say Standby,
I say Hibernate,
Let's call the whole thing Off.

Apparently 50 Shades is common drear about a domineer who commandeers a common dear.

My first job as deputy was to round up the town bums but I couldn't be botherd.

Wearable technology? Not on my watch.

#BenefitsBritain continues with a documentary about scrimpers extracting gravy from Toby Carvery bins. Tune in tonight for "Sponging Off The Steak"

Omelette flip fail! Boy is there egg on my face.

Those who lose their faith go off the depend.

My mate's IQ is very average. He's a simple ton.

I hear your canal boat sank. My gondolances.

I’m working on a basic introduction to Americanisms. It’s called “’Pacifiers’ for ‘Dummies’”

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