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Independence and Freedom in Christ

Better_Together_logoHere's a little 5 minute topical talk I gave this lunchtime. To be honest it basically "on the hoof" but perhaps the way in to the gospel through the referendum might be useful to you in conversations / talks. If you like the idea of it, steal it. If you hate it, say why in comments so I can get better...


I began with the Scottish independence referendum. My way into the gospel was simply to say that it's a mature democracy which allows its members to go their own way - to hand them over to the independence they want. In the Bible, God also hands us over to independence but then hands over Christ. When Christ brings us home, then we're truly free. Sorta thing.

Not that the "Yes" campaign is sinful or that union with Westminster is anything like union with Christ! But if you talk about the referendum people will listen...

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