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#Ps32 All transgressions forgiven & sins covered. Hidden in Christ. Protected from trouble. Surrounded by songs of deliverance #EnjoyYourDay

Ever noticed how much more courage, wisdom and hope you have for *other* people's struggles? That's why we need each other.

Chief bugbear? Probably the Panda Maggot. No, wait, the Grizzly Weevil. Hang on: The PolarPillar. Yeah, PolarPillar.

I can yabber most infuriatingly

I made an acronym earlier ICYMI

OTOH Outgoing Trinity Originates Handiwork
ISTM Initial Sin Torpedoes Mankind
LOL Lord Offers Life
ICYMI In Christ You're Made Immortal

God’s 7-fold promise to His enslaved people: I will unburden, free, redeem, possess, protect, deliver & lavish you. #Exodus6 #EnjoyYourDay

The exclusivity of Christ means that God is none other than the One who is poured out for the world. #goodnews

glum bring


Don't fear: I'm with u. Dont be dismayed: I'm yr God. I'll strengthen&help u; I'll uphold u with my righteous Right Hand #Is41 #EnjoyYourDay

“Whoever comes to me I will NEVER cast away.” #Promise (John 6:37) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus - self-abasing Slave & sacrificial Lamb - HE reveals the name and nature of God. #nogodlikeHim #Phil2 #EnjoyYourDay

“I will not leave u as orphans, I will come to u.” #John14 The Spirit brings us the presence of Jesus & adoption b4 the Father #EnjoyYourDay

What was the old humanity's preFall work? Naming the old creation. What's the new humanity's work? Naming new creation reality: ie preaching

Through the cross (Ps 22:1-21), Jesus becomes your Priest (v22-31). First He bears yr sin, then He bears u b4 the Father #EnjoyYourDay

Even post-Easter: Jesus' glory is cross-scarred #John20
Even post-Easter: Discipleship is cross-shaped #John21

Job 19: Not a Replacer, a Redeemer. Not in the clouds, on earth. Not as spirit but in my flesh “I will see Him.” #EnjoyYourDay

Stunning lecture on medical ethics by John Wyatt - Takes you down in horror (law!); raises you up in Christ (gospel!)

Note that Paul's answer to the Corinthians' "Everything is permissible for me" was Not "Come on guys, there are limits" #1Corinthians6

Paul's ethics are not driven by the "limits" of the gospel but by the *liberation* of the gospel. "I will not be mastered"

Everything is awefull

Please Note: Caesar is not the interpretive key to the phrase "Jesus is /Lord/". Moses is.

"Jesus is Lord" has some implications for dealing with the Emporer. It's primarily about how we deal with *Scripture*. #JesusisYAHWEH

Because of resurrection, the worst thing is never the last thing. #EnjoyYourDay

On Julian of Norwich's big day, church history gender check: Julian's a chick, Hilary's a dude & followers of Jean Chauvin are... No, wait

Why did Jesus get a drink at Jacob's Well? Cos the Harvester was plenty full.
#PubThemedJohn4Lolz #epic

God's first move with suffering is not to end it but to enter it. And even when He ends it at last, it's an inside job.

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to." Dorothy Parker

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