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Steaming Piles of Tweet

Don't feel Jesus in your heart? First know that you are on His. (Ex 28:29; Heb 7:25) #EnjoyYourDay

Nothing a resurrection won’t fix. #EnjoyYourDay

He came to a poor teenager, a northern backwater, a ravaged people. He came to diseased, dying, damned sinners. He’s for you.#EnjoyYourDay

Fig-leaf coverings? The children of Adam have followed suit.

Isaiah’s vision of the future: “On THAT day… On THIS mountain.” (Everywhere, see eg Is 25) Our home is HERE but it’s not NOW.

The Word of God spoke with an accent #incarnation

My future inheritance = Grandpa’s stamp collection. Oh, and the universe. Oh, and GOD! Yes GOD! (Romans 8:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Tempted to correct a friend's spelling of "no affect" when I realised it would neither have effect nor affect.

New life is not a condition of the gospel it's the offer.

'Union with Christ' is not a way of escaping 'discipleship' - it means entering into it truly and deeply

Forget human elections, our Man is on the true seat of power. Just, Gentle, Wiser than Solomon, Beyond reproach & ONE OF US! #EnjoyYourDay.

Did the sun come up this morning? Then God’s not going to break His covenant with your Royal Priest (Jer 33:14-22) #EnjoyYourDay

The Spirit is a deposit, guaranteeing your full redemption. And God aint gonna lose His deposit. #EnjoyYourDay

You might prefer physics to metaphysics, but that's a metaphysical judgement.

God's being in sending => Our character in mission.

#1Sam16: Bad news- u’ve not been chosen as King. Good news- yr Brother has & He shares His royalty & victory with you #1Sam17 #EnjoyYourDay

Just spoke to a bus driver who much prefers driving teenagers. The elderly are far ruder. A reminder: growing old gracefully aint automatic

“You are my Beloved Child, I’m thrilled with you” – the Verdict we all want from the Father we all crave. It’s ours in Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

Only *sinners* love (Luke 7:36-50). Therefore every sin is an opportunity to know yr indebtedness and the forgiveness of Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

I bet the Spanish are constantly overwhelmed by their todo lists :-/

“My child, get up” He will say. And u will rise 2 feasting joy, complete astonishment & face-to-face with Jesus (Luke 8:40-56) #EnjoyYourDay

My hunch: 'Noah' Will get people talking about 'God', but unless ur wise it'll be a 'God' who makes talking about God *more* difficult

<< But, again, by all means see it, enjoy it, engage in conversations - just be aware is all

Easter video taking shape :)

— Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener) April 4, 2014


Who qualifies 4 Christ’s Kingdom? The powerless, the wicked, the little children: Lk18:1-17. Don’t reach up, receive where u r #EnjoyYourD..

Becoming a Christian doesn't mean throwing away your brain. It does mean crucifying your need to be brainy

In becoming a Christian, don't throw away your brain. You'll need it in order to become consistently and biblically foolish

Paul did not seek credibility from the wise, he sought to shame them - thru the foolishness of the gospel #1Corinthians

You know the tree of life in the garden of God? That’s not just for religious art. That’s for *you* to eat from (Rev 2:7) #EnjoyYourDay

Preaching John 6 this evening. Here's a good reminder of why we need the Bread of Heaven

— Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener) April 6, 2014


Your sorrows He carries, your infirmities He takes up, your sins He bears. (Is 53) Your weaknesses only draw Him closer #EnjoyYourDay

He’s the Judge of the world, the Revelation of God and a gentle, lowly Rest-Giver: Matt 11:20-30. #EnjoyYourDay

God is Joy – Ps 45:7; John 15:11; 1 Tim 1:11. #EnjoyYourDay

Illustrations can add colour&warmth to preaching but if they're in to add *interest* it's not illustrations u need but the *gospel*

Be as incarnational as u like but there was 1 unrepeatable incarnation.
Be as pentecostal as u like but there was 1 unrepeatable Pentecost.

3 thoughts on “Steaming Piles of Tweet

  1. the Old Adam

    "New life is not a condition of the gospel it’s the offer."

    I just scanned them. This one caught my eye because it is wrong.

    There is no offer. It (the gospel) is a declaration.

    It is a reality that some hear and receive this "new life"…and others do not.

  2. the Old Adam

    Right. It's a promise. Not an offer.

    He's not offering (and therefore we need to act on the offer)…He is promising it. He is giving it. He is announcing it.

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