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Podcast: Evangelistic Speaking


In this episode, among other things we respond to a listener question: What's the difference between preaching and evangelistic preaching?

A few thoughts... In evangelistic preaching you're especially concerned about the following:

  • Don't just point to Christ, the solid Rock, but also to the sinking sand of this world.
  • Preach a raw gospel - we're sunk over our heads, we're lifted higher than we could imagine. Take them on a journey.
  • Also take them on the journey from "wouldn't it be wonderful if this were true..." to "that's the assurance you can have because of Jesus."
  • Be ruthless with churchy language.
  • Put yourself in the mess you're describing... "we are mortal, we suffer, we frustrate ourselves..."
  • Describe journeys to faith (including your own).
  • If you will invite people to pray to Christ (which is a good thing), flag it up early



In this podcast I talk about some examples of my evangelistic preaching.

Here's my sermon on Luke 14,

Some Lunchtime Student Talks, and

A sermon on Hell

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