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What would you say?

On Sunday I'll be preaching at King's Church, Eastbourne as part of their Big Objections series. They've been asking locals their big objections to Christian faith and then dealing with the top seven.

My title is "What sort of God would send good people of other faiths to hell?"

The actual questions that generated that title are below.  What would you say in a 30 minute sermon?

If I did not ask God to be created, why would he send me to hell for not beliving in him or for not folowing him.

What about the religions before Christianity that have very similar stories to Jesus and his life? e.g. Mithraism etc

Do Christians, Jews, and Moslems worship the same God?

Why would God send non-religious people, who lead 'good' lives, to Hell?

Christianity teaches us that eternal torment awaits those who question God's infinite love. This is so obviously paradoxical and hypocritical it's almost laughable. I would laugh but this pathetic nonsense is taught to innocent credulous children and poisons their mind. It's a form of child abuse, and it makes the world a worse place to live in.

What happens to people from all other religions if the only way to God is through Jesus? Eternal damnation? this does not seem to fit with the message of love and forgiveness that Jesus spoke of??

I have a strong feeling that there is one God and that all religions are ultimately worshipping different interpretations of that God. How can the only way to God be through JC and what happens to all those other Hindus/ Muslims/ Sikhs. . Eternal damnation?

Over 4000 religions exist and most believers are not Christian. If all these people won't find a Christian God does God effectively condemn them all to hell in the vain hope they are converted by a Christian minority? Why are the Christians special? Or, if non-Christian believers can go to heaven then why the determination that we all be Christian?

The belief that Jesus and Christianity are the only way to god and salvation. What makes us think we are so much better or more valid than other faiths? God is god. How you choose to get to god is up to you!

People can commit awful attrocities yet be forgiven & go t0 heaven. Non Christians can live exemplary lives yet still go to hell. This message actually promotes violence & wrongdoing of all kinds.

What makes your God different the God terrorist's follow?

2 thoughts on “What would you say?

  1. Rick

    Glen - personally I'd probably start by listening to Piper's message at 2014 Passion conference (available at DGM website). I Just listened to it recently. It seems like a lot of these questions fit into some of the big picture concepts he lays out in this message. Well worth the time.

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