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Is that the Luke book?

evangelismHere's my conversation today with a taxi driver called Luke. I wrote it down about as soon as I finished speaking to him, so I've remembered it pretty much as it happened...

- Do you like working Sundays? Bit quieter right?

Absolutely. Saturday night is something else though!

- Yeah? What happened last night?

Oh, well... Actually I got a call at midnight. My friend drank himself into a near coma last night. He was rushed to hospital.

- Oh no. Is he alright now?

Not really. He has stage 4 Hodgkin's disease and time is running out. He should have been dead already really. He used to be a full on Christian but he lost his faith and now he's hit the bottle hard.

- Oh man. I'm a Christian minister actually. I'm on my way to Edinburgh to speak about a few things - including God and suffering.

You're a Christian??

- Yeah. I speak about God and suffering all the time. One of the things I always say is, if you get rid of God, you've still got the suffering, but now you're on your own.

Yeah, hitting the bottle has not been the answer. So you're a vicar? I'm not religious myself. No, I reckon I'm going to hell, haha.

- But there's no need! No-one ever needs to go to hell. That's the whole point of Jesus.

Yeah but I was a real fighter as a youth. I've done a lot of... I guess you could call them sins.

- Well that's good cos only sinners go to heaven.

Only SINNERS go to heaven? Wait. Sinners go to heaven?

- ONLY sinners. One of Jesus' most famous sayings is "It's not the healthy who need a doctor, it's the sick. I haven't come for righteous people I've come for sinners." Doctors don't want you to pretend you're healthy, you need to admit you're sick.

That makes sense actually. Haha... There were a couple of Christians in my cab a while back, they kept going on about how my name was the name of a guy in the bible. They said there's a book of the bible called Luke, is that right? They said they were going to send it to me. Still haven't sent it though.

[About 3 minutes earlier I had taken a copy of Luke's Gospel out of my bag, ready to give him. I place it on the dashboard of the car underneath the satnav.]

- Luke, I'll give you one guess what this book is?

You're joking! Is that the Luke book?

- Yep. And here's the thing. When I packed my bag on Friday I put Luke's Gospel in it praying that God would give me an opportunity to give it to someone.

- No way! This is what those Christians were going to send me??

- Yep. I reckon God wants you to read it, don't you?

I'm not religious but I like reading spiritual things. I'll definitely read that.

- Great, well it starts with the Christmas story - Jesus' birth and all that - and then follows him as he grows up. I became a Christian when I read that book, so I'd watch out if I were you.

Haha - I'll definitely read it. I'll definitely read it. And if I become a Christian I'll blame you.

- Haha, I think we've just seen this is out of both of our hands!

So pray. And carry gospels.

6 thoughts on “Is that the Luke book?

  1. Cal

    Very cool man. Thanks for sharing this. A little reminder that people are thirsting for waters of life, even though chritendom is not a good vessel.


  2. Lensa

    ONLY sinners go to heaven- brilliant - why have I never thought of putting it that way?! Probably because I secretly think I'm a little bit Righteous.

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