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Podcast: The Pitiful Practice of Gaining Converts


Surely "gaining converts" is the goal of every evangelist?


It’s not the evangelist’s job to gain converts! The evangelist’s job is to offer Christ!

Big difference.




4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Pitiful Practice of Gaining Converts

  1. Glen

    Yes, that's good. "Offer" might communicate a take-it-or-leave-it consumer good and a neutral, freely-choosing "customer"

  2. Si Hollett

    I like hand over. Problem is that we're not offloading Christ onto them - we keep him too!

    It's also a bit of a British person problem that we don't like stuff handed to us that we actively have to reject (flyers on the street, junk mail, etc). We much prefer passive rejection and active acceptance, even if we like what we're getting (eg 'have a biscuit. Go on, take two' vs 'would you like a biscuit or two?').

  3. the Old Adam

    Trouble is…that is not how the gospel works.

    We don't choose it…it (He) chooses us.

    We throw the gospel out there and when it hits someone's ears, it will do what it will do. Sometimes faith will be created and given (by the Spirit)…and often, not.

    What do we do if it is rejected. Exactly what Jesus told us to do when that happens, "leave".

    We're not to waste our time with people who don't hear it. Because the harvest is great and the workers are few.

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