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"The whole order of things is as outrageous as any miracle which could presume to violate it." GK Chesterton

Sinners are strangers to God in the far country.
Slaves are strangers to God in the field.
Sons are sinners in the Father’s arms.

Sinners are wretched in their rebellion.
Slaves are wretched in their righteousness.
Sons are wretches, wrapped in His robes.

What to have with my bacon sandwich: Ketchup or HP? #crowdsaucing

What's your favourite method of resolving an argument? Hit me

Before Scripture becomes the norming norm it strikes us as the weirding weird

Actually all norms are norming norms. A norm that norms is normal. Really we mean 'a norm-norming norm' right? Anyone hungry?

The trick with the problem of evil & suffering is to make sure it's a problem. Thankfully the Christian finds it the biggest problem of all

If God is God then He is the certainty, we are the ones in doubt. Therefore *from the outset* skepticism refuses to consider God as God

#John12 God speaks and folks hear a thunderstorm but when Jesus is lifted up they will believe #theologyofthecross

#Isaiah25 Salvation = shame removed, death swallowed up, tears wiped away & global feasting with Christ #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism is easy. Once you accept that it's mortifying.


Again and again we're told that God's Face shines on us. (Eg Num6; Ps80) In Jesus, God beams at you. #EnjoyYourDay

It's the week for coming out I guess. John Piper finally pins his colours to the mast- he's a Calvinist 

You don't have to wait to be welcomed into the kingdom. Thru the gospel Christ *has* welcomed u with open arms (Rom15:7) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus doesn't merely outshine, He also kindles. His glory is an outgoing brilliance.

The Light of the world does not shine merely to attract & dazzle but, more, to enlighten & share. (Jn17:22!) #EnjoyYourDay



'In the shadow of your wings I take refuge til the storm has passed.' (Ps57) The storm will pass and the refuge is secure. #EnjoyYourDay

1) Pray. 2) Open Bible. 3) Point to Jesus. 4) Say "Look!". 5) Repeat #EnjoyYourMinistry

What were we thinking... Next Christmas video we'll just give some comfortable westerners free tvs and such. #WestJetChristmas

Don't worry, there'll be sleighbells too, so you know it'll be #Christmassy. #WestJetChristmas

Cos nothing says #SpiritofChristmas like a company's publicity stunt playing on our aspirations for luxury goods. #WestjetChristmas

"True God and true Man" is not a box to tick in order to affirm our orthodoxy. It's the heart of the good news.

I'm always reminded with the #Ashes how the English and the Australians are both proud but in ways they themselves are blind to.

<< Every Aussie thinks the Poms are proud. And every Englishman thinks Australians are arrogant. They're both right of course!

Which led to this conversation

Prayer is an articulation of union with Christ. We shouldn't be able to talk about one without the other.

Isaiah confronted idolatry with poetry

Idea for website -  Once u've discovered who's unfollowed u, the site wipes yr memory & delivers a mild electric shock

Carols services are a conspiracy to make us all post-millennial #Isaiah9 #Psalm72 #Micah5 #JoyToTheWorld.

"To us the Son is given" (Isaiah 9:6) #Amazing


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