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Help Get Prayer Mate on Android

PrayerMateI use Prayer Mate for my morning prayer time and it's helped massively (see Tim Challies' very positive review here).

Don Carson talks about the problem of mental "drift" in prayer. My problem is mental "quantum leaps". My thoughts do not merely wander, they embark on Odyssian journeys from which few, if any, return.

Prayer Mate has helped anchor my thoughts (along with the practice of praying out loud - I have no idea how people can pray for any length of time silently. Does that actually work for anyone?) Prayer Mate has also helped me arrange my prayer points, ensured I don't miss stuff and introduced me (through its feeds) to other worthy ministries to pray for. I highly recommend it - if you have an iPod/Pad/Phone.

Until now, there's been no Android version, but this Kickstarter project is aimed at fixing that. Head over and see if you can help out - it will certainly help you.




1 thought on “Help Get Prayer Mate on Android

  1. Jason Matsoukas

    This is going to be my first kickstarter founding! Thanks for the info.

    Greetings from Greece :)

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