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The Tweek That Was



Our Halloween video has officially gone "Man Flu". Nothing like as big as "Viral" but I make a huge fuss nonetheless 

That Paul McKenna, he can mesmerize others but he can't take it himself. Hypnocrite

My father quit his job cleaning Tube tracks after they asked him to double as a late-night ghost-buster. He doesn't fluffer ghouls sadly

There's a God who has loved you to hell and back, and He has the scars to prove it (John20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

Pascal: "I have discovered that all the unhappiness of men arises from one single fact, that they cannot stay quietly in their own chamber"

In church history Trinity & Christology were settled b4 theories of atonement & doctrines of grace. 'Who' must come b4 'what'.

Heb7:24-25 If you spot Jesus being frog-marched out of heaven, worry. Otherwise #enjoyyourday

The law revolves around the priesthood. Heb7:12. Deep thought

Everywhere I go I see automated crazy people. Maybe it's psychos'o-matic

"Yes we can" was a slogan of hope. "Britain can do better" is a school report

I once met a Christian Atheist. He said "Believe in Jesus, Reject God." Given the "God" most people believe/disbelieve in, I see his point.

MT @NietzscheQuotes "There's not enough love&goodness in the world 2 permit giving any away 2 imaginary beings" But what if God's the Giver?

Feeling down? We have a lowly God who is with and for the downcast: Is57:15; Dan4:25; Zech9:9; Matt11:29 #EnjoyYourDay

...I meant Dan4:11 - wonderful verse. God sets over the kingdom "the Lowliest of men." Jesus is Lord because He is Servant.


"Even if Christ were crucified 1000 times it wd all be vain if the Word of God were absent & were not given to me w the bidding: This is 4u" (Luther)

Luther: "Before u take Christ as an example, accept him as a Gift that God's given you." This video explains

"I wish I never sinned" said the OT Israelite offering their sacrifice. "Why?" "Then I wouldn't have to keep returning to this altar" #fail

Sometimes our determination not to sin is basically our desire to never need Jesus or His blood. Which really *is* sinful

Paul says "I do all 4 God's glory" Within 2 verses he says he bends over bkwds "trying 2 please every1.. that they may be saved" Same thing!

<< God's glory is an outgoing, self-sacrificial, saving movement. That's what it is for Him, that's what it is for us. (1 Corinthians 9-10)

Ground down? The Lord's speciality is breathing life into our dust. Gen2:7 #EnjoyYourDay (based on a @PLeithart tweet)

Street-preachers: think twice before proclaiming Psalm 118:12. You may just be Preaching the Bees. #topicalspoonerism #edgy

“We are all of us born in moral stupidity, taking the world as an udder to feed our supreme selves” (George Eliot).

Given what we know of human nature... In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is burnt as a witch, right?

Preacher: illustrations are meant to illuminate a dazzling jewel, not sugar-coat a bitter pill.

The Trinity acc. 2 Rev7:17: A God who wipes away all tears, A Shepherd who dies 4 His sheep, A Spirit who slakes every thirst. #EnjoyYourDay

They don't like you shrinking the Pyramid of Cheops. Small wonder.

The temple drummer didn't want to accompany the ceremony. But I had him bang to rites.

You don't like flat bread? More's the pitta.

The DJ just said "I'm throwing u a curved ball". Yes curved. I'd like to see him throw a flat one.

Just bought a bible that skips from Psalms to Ecclesiastes. Someone's been taking the proverbial

-- @IsaacPain @sparticus My last bible only had 3 Gospels. I should have realised - it was Marked down :(

-- @IsaacPain @sparticus I don't mind my Spanish bookseller keeping back the fourth gospel for himself. Takes Juan to know Juan

-- @IsaacPain @sparticus My last bible stopped before Psalms. I guess they thought Job Done

-- @IsaacPain @sparticus Turns out my bible was missing Ezekiel 38-39. I was agog! Not to mention magog

-- @IsaacPain @sparticus Mine had variant spellings of the minor prophets. Obadih. Obadah. Life goes on

-- @sparticus @IsaacPain I, like, totally finished Jonah. Then I turned the page and was all, like, Dude, where's Micah?



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