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1 thought on “Persistence in Prayer – Luke 18:1-17

  1. Sheila

    What truths! I have prayed all of these. My heart now only understands that I am to be faithful, praying boldly and yet, coming to God, acknowledging my sins.

    Father, You love me and you created me as your child. You hear my vain pleas and yet, You hear my heart. I am so unworthy to ask for bread, but I come asking for eternal life! How bold of me!!! But, Abba, You hear me! You know my heart desires to know You better. Jesus came to You, praying as God - the Son to God, to the Father, through God the Spirit. What an example to me! My perfect Jesus prayed. He Who was worthy, came humbly to You. May I so approach the throne of Your grace daily, lovingly, and in expectancy of the things I ask being answered according to Thy will Father, forgive my sins. Hear my orayers. Move in me and allow Your will to fill my being - what joy is mine! I come before You my Lord, have mercy on me a sinner. Amen

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