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Paul Blackham’s Book by Book: Special Offers

ImageGenPaul Blackham's Book by Book is Matthew Henry for the 21st century. It is genuinely that good.

Watch this sample programme to get a feel for the DVDs or these sample chapters to appreciate the study guide.

Time and again in sermon preparation I have waded my way through modern commentaries as though through tar (I was going to say treacle, but at least treacle is sweet). I pick up Paul's study guide and it cuts through to Jesus with clarity and with a stunning appreciation for the whole context of Scripture.

Don't be fooled by the physical size of the study guides. They're designed to fit into a DVD case or your pocket for the morning commute. The commentaries are regularly 40 000 words, some are 70 000! But as with Paul's preaching, they are devotional as well as doctrinal.

Right now there are special offers on:

Buy any 5 study guides for £15.99 or any 10 for £25.99 - that works out as £2.60 per study guide!

Buy any 5 DVD/study guide sets for £39.99 or 10 for £69.99 - that's like a whole year of Bible study material for £40!

Buy every study guide currently published (all 21 of them) for £44.99

Or, here's the daddy of all deals: get every Book by Book currently released (21 in all, on 29 DVDs) plus every study guide for £134.99 + P&P.

Do it!

Book by Book

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