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In Jesus, your past cannot destroy you & your future cannot derail you. #EnjoyYouDay

Faith is Word-based. The Word is different to 'evidence'. We stand over evidence, the Word is over us.

God's love isn't a warm fuzzy, it's a blood sacrifice made 4u in all yr wickedness. So BE a sinner loved by Christ & #enjoyyourday

“O the Great God! O the Perfect Child! The Son in the Father & the Father in the Son… God the Word who became man for our sakes” Clement

CHS: “Affliction is the black chariot of Christ, in which he rideth to his children.”

Your Father warned you there'd be days like this. He also promised a Future Glory that far outweighs every ounce of suffering #EnjoyYouDay

Street preacher arrested yesterday under section 5 of public order act: …. Video of whole incident to follow

An Israelite - a.k.a. a member of God's people - is one who has fought with God and lost. Gen 32

Apparently the microbes shall inherit the earth … I cannot fathom how I'd live if I believed in such a future

Anger is always righteous. It's just that 9 times out of ten it's self-righteous.

Anger erupts violently out of our deep commitments to self-justification. Just ask Cain, Saul, Jonah, the Elder Brother

Not long now. (Rev22:20) #EnjoyYourDay

"Who do you think you are?" is a Q we love 2 ask ourselves. But if some1 asks U the Q it's usually cos ur completely out of place #revealing

As mentioned yday, street preacher @TonyMiano arrested in Wimbledon on Mon … Police arrive 25:37, arrested 38:11

Every tear wiped away. Death, mourning, crying & pain abolished. All creation renewed. Jesus face to face. #ComingSoon #Rev21 #EnjoyYourDay

Someone just helped me figure out what #indirecting is. You know who you are

#selfie #indirect some Twitter fads don't mix well [PICTURE]

Or... #ff awesome tweeters. You know who you are #indirect

Who should you #ff? Here's who #selfie #mixingmyhashtags #theresacontext #movealong [PICTURE]

#hashtagpuns #shelfie [PICTURE]

#replacepunwithhashtag #

Christ is Pictured, Present and Promised in OT. Eg Gen 22: Pictured in Isaac, Present as the Angel, Promised as the Seed.

Today a woman told me "I must get your wife's book for my granddaughter, she too struggles with dyslexia." #runsinthefamily

In Christ you have peace, in the world you have trouble, but take heart: Christ has overcome the world. (Jn16:33) #EnjoyYourDay

Off to talk about the sufferings of Job at the Grand Hotel, Brighton. #incongruous

The LORD is compassionate&gracious, slow 2 anger, abounding in love... His love is from everlasting 2 everlasting. #Ps103 #EnjoyYourDay

In all yr suffering, know the LORD Jesus wooing u from the jaws of distress to a spacious place of freedom&feasting. Job36:16 #EnjoyYourDay

If Jesus' cross was worth it 'for the joy set before him', how much more will our little crosses be worth it. #futuresbright #EnjoyYourDay

Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. #MaybeToday #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelist, Tony (Taming the Tiger) Anthony's fraudulent ministry: …

Seems there's 2 sides to Dostoyevsky's truth: Without God everything's either permissible or wearyingly moralistic:


2 thoughts on “Tweets I Have Tweeted. Recently

  1. Cal

    Haha Dawkins clearly has not played enough sports or boardgames. Even as an adult, playing dodgeball with children, I'm reluctant to admit being hit. Wearyingly moralistic indeed.

  2. Glen

    Yeah you wonder whether he'd have the same problem with "dummy" passes - aren't you *LYING* to your opponent?? Disgraceful.

    As a Christian and a cricket fan, hearing Dawkins weigh in on a subject with moral indignation and utter ignorance felt very familiar.

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