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4 thoughts on “321 in 4 Talks

  1. skuybalon

    I enjoyed your discussion of the glory of Christ and our need of Him so we may re-enter the glorious presence of the One we have been estranged, alienated from: His Son, who is the radiance of His Glory.

  2. skuybalon

    You may have quickly touched upon this, when you were discussing the lady with that prolonged health issue and the coming death of Jaius's daughter. Do you think Jesus' manifesting of the Messianic Age in what I think is called: the First Advent (alpha parousia autou ?) shows what God's laws are versus our decaying world whose is seeking those faithful to His Grace and Peace. I am not even remotely autodidactic in 1st Century Greek much less with any formal teaching, but two word I have read seem to be underfoot in Jesus' manifest miracles Diaphthrona(sp.?) and skuybalon (sp.?). Wouldn't they also have been absent any class of God's natural laws in the first two chapters of Genesis?


    Dear Brother Glen, Thank you for the Blessed Teachings and it is strengthening me much to study and to share with other people in India, you are doing great for Lord. Evangelist Babu

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