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twitter-iconSore, Snake-bitten, Sullen? The Son of Man was lifted up for you. Look and live. John3:14f #EnjoyYourDay

Irenaeus: Christ is Founder of the universe, Maker of man, All in all: Patriarch among patriarchs; Law in laws; chief Priest among priests..

..Ruler among kings; the Prophet among prophets; the Angel among angels; the Man among men; son in the Father; God in God; King to all ages

Doing some door-knocking later today. Wondering whether these days JWs open with "Don't worry Madam, we're not evangelicals."

#DoorToDoorSongs Knock, Knock Knockin on Heathens' Door

Yr sins have been forgiven 4 Christ's sake, u know the Father, u've overcome the evil1, ur strong&God's Word lives in u 1John2 #EnjoyYourDay

Dont know the way forward? "Ask God who gives wisdom generously 2 all without finding fault & it will be given 2u" James1:6 #EnjoyYourDay

Christ is the Source and Substance of righteousness, not just the solution to unrighteousness.

One day you will rest from your labours (Rev 14:13). Till then you're God's gift to the world. #EnjoyYourDay

Only Christ-centredness is true God-centredness.

Complete this sentence: 'Faith' is spelt R-... Let's finish it E-C-E-I-V-E

"That was the church I got saved into" he said. Nice preposition! Not just saved "in", saved "into" #church

"U were washed, u were sanctified, u were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by the Spirit of our God" 1Cor6:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Heard on Radio earlier: "The tragedy of life is that men love women, women love children and children love hamsters." #gracerunsdownhill

Jesus is not merely your ransom, He's your righteousness. You're not merely tolerated by God, you're treasured. #EnjoyYourDay

The enemy of your soul will soon be destroyed by the breath of Christ's mouth and the splendour of His coming. 2Thes2 #EnjoyYourDay

A Member of the Human Race is a Member of the Trinity. And you're a Member of Him! #EnjoyAscensionDay

4AscensionDay: Our Brother in strife assuming our life/ Humanity shouldered & sorrows enfolded/ Man's evil combined thru furnace refined/...

...Then risen enthroned, bearing all He has owned. Our Friend in high places, our Fountain of graces. #Ascension #AscensionDay

Our last sighting of Jesus: As He ascended He was blessing His people. (Lk24:51). He hasn't stopped since (Eph1:3). #EnjoyYourDay

I wish I could say "reLIGion" like Blackham, "kINDness" like Reeves and "inCREDible" like Levy.

Feel out of yr depth? Jesus says: “Let all the simple come 2 my house. Come eat & drink: u will live & walk in insight." Prov9 #EnjoyYourDay

If a person truly discovered the body of Jesus, Christianity would be instantly *proven* (1Tim 3:15)

Evangelists: the Gospel is not for 'other people'. First of all it's for you.

"The doctrine of the Trinity doesn't merely deify Christ, even more it Christianizes our concept of God." Moltmann (abbreviated)

The Trinity according to 2Cor1:3: The Father, Compassion (made flesh) & Comfort (personified). This is our God #EnjoyYourDay

The great exchange of 2Cor5:21 is earthed in our own gospelling experience: "Death is at work in us, but life is at work in you" 2Cor4:12

'Prob is not churches full of sinners. Jesus was crucified 4 that. Prob is: churches have decided they're Not full of sinners' @RevFisk

The difference between law & gospel is NOT the difference between stick & carrot! Both stick AND carrot are law...

..The gospel is not another motivational framework 4our works. ('NOW we're all about love&gratitude'). No the Law was about love&gratitude..

...The gospel lifts us out of stick/carrot motivations - out of our works entirely - and tells us of Christ's work. #extranos

God's YES resounds from heaven at Christ. His AMEN booms back on our behalf&the Spirit seals us into the circle of trust 2Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

There is no side-stepping the curse. There is only a Head-first engagement in Him who is crowned with thorns.

Your Father has the far horizon. You have only today (Matt 6:34) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus considered even *His* cross to be worth it for the glory to come (Heb12:3). Our little crosses are definitely worth it #EnjoyYourDay

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