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twitter-icon"Dear God, once again, I'm *really* sorry for that sin?" "What sin?" (Hebrews 10:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Passionless gospel preaching should be an impossibility. Should be.

Documentary on Isaac Newton says he spent his latter years as "a lonely old man"... Like his god then.

Coming to Jesus is not about taking on another burden. It's about receiving the one yoke that fits well. (Matthew 11:28-30) #rest #easy

Isaiah 60: Now that the Light of the world has risen for you, YOU shine with radiant glory. #passiton #EnjoyYourDay

Poor? Brokenhearted? Mourning? Bound? Christ is good news, comfort, gladness, freedom, a robe of praise & righteousness #Is61 #EnjoyYourDay

We don't have to come up with God, He comes out with Himself.

If u find yrself thinking: "I'll sort this problem out myself" consider that "sorting things out yrself" might be yr Real Problem

What every Christian can pray: "You, Lord God, have looked on me as though I were The Most Exalted of men." (1Chr17:17) #ClothedInChrist

We spend our lives trying to become wise, righteous, special, free. We have it all in Jesus: 1Cor1:30 #EnjoyYourDay

Christ says "I have surely seen yr affliction & have heard yr cry. I know yr sufferings & have come down to deliver u." Ex3 #EnjoyYourDay

Since sacraments are visible words of divine promise it's ridiculous to sideline them in the name of "faith alone." >>

<< If you want faith - unleash the promises.

Faith cannot rest in a mechanism of salvation. Faith is receiving a Messiah who saves. Preachers: ensure you preach *Him*

Spring=just a taste of what's coming: "the desert shall blossom abundantly & rejoice with joy & singing." Is35 #EnjoyYourDay

The horror is, the law does not find fault with what Gosnell was doing, only where he was doing it: Doug Wilson Article … #Gosnell

"Sorry, snowed under" "I'm not a miracle worker" "I wish u hadn't told me that": Things u won't hear from Jesus. #TalkToHim #EnjoyYourDay

Happy 'Kill The Dragon Save The Girl' Day. Google's icon is a nice representation of St George (and the Bible!)

Just imagine it: the Father selecting a sacrificial Lamb "for your sake" - His precious, eternal, spotless Son. 1Peter1:17-20 #EnjoyYourDay

Someone just commented on Emma's blog: "Is Glen Scrivener your dad? He sometimes preaches at our church." Time to start jogging.

A life of faith, hope and love isn't the price of salvation, it's the prize: yours for free in Jesus (Col 1:3-6) #EnjoyYourDay

Slavery this side of sonship = death (older brother in field) Slavery the far side of sonship = real life (younger brother in father's robe)

"I've died and gone to heaven" - words describing a euphoric experience. Words describing every Christian. Col3:3 #EnjoyYourDay

Preachers: tomorrow you are not simply transferring information. You are heralding the Word. #OfferChrist

Good news: Am about to preach in a pulpit used by Wesley. Bad news: He was subsequently chased out of church & nearly killed by the locals

Monday morning is Not 'same old, same old' - the old is gone, today is brand spanking new: Lam 3:23. #EnjoyYourDay

You can be a cool, detached know-it-all. Or you can be a preacher. Not both.

Preaching is not a performance but it is performative. It mustn't be affected but it is effectual.

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