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were you worth it

Classic example of how "Jesus died for you" can come across as "law"! Preachers, especially, take note.

Weeping then joy, anger then favour, mourning then dancing, the pit then the heights Ps30 One morning soon will be The Morning #EnjoyYourDay

Gal2:20 Your "I" (active subject) has been crucified & no longer lives. Your "me" (passive object) is loved and laid hold of. #EnjoyYourDay

"Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God." GK Chesterton

#5LeviticalOfferings: Old life condemned, New offered to God, Guilt cleansed, Recompense made, Peace secured. #ChristHasDoneIt #EnjoyYourDay

"Jesus the Name high over all, in hell or earth or sky. Angels and men before it fall, and devils fear and fly." #EnjoyYourDay

It's not so much that preachers must take their hearers on a journey. Far more they must come to their hearers from an Origin

You cant reverse engineer your gospel from the existence of hell any more than you can reverse engineer your God from the existence of Satan

In Jesus, God's attitude towards you is an almighty and eternal YES. 2 Cor 1:19 #EnjoyYourDay

When life feels beyond u remember it always is. "But this happened that we might not rely on self but God who raises the dead" #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is God's gracious approach 2u *and* your faithful response 2 God. He's God's Yes & your Amen. 2Cor1:20 #EnjoyYourDay

"If God isn't like Jesus, He ought to be." Lord Byron

God the Son praying to God the Father is not a Denial of God's oneness, it is the perfect Demonstration of God's loving unity.

Feeling lonely and afflicted? The LORD Jesus guards u, rescues u, frees u, confides in u & forgives all your sins. #Psalm25 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not sin's under-writer. He is sin's under-taker. #Romans6

Emma Scrivener's #4Thought Anorexia and her Christian faith … #Stone #Cold #Fox

He's King on high, the Seed to come, 'God with u', yr Sanctuary, heaven's gift, yr Counsellor, God, Father & Prince Isaiah6-9 #EnjoyYourDay

#BritishBible "The leaves of the tea are for the healing of the nations" Anyone wanna join in?

#BritishBible "How the Blighty is fallen"

#BritishBible "Mustn't grumble" (Numbers 14:27)

#BritishBible "Scouting Thomas"

#BritishBible "That's the Spirit!" (1 John 4:2)

#BritishBible "The guests at the wedding turned their water into whine."

#BritishBible "They shall mount up with wings as eagles... show offs!"

#BritishBible "Blessed are the dour in spirit"

#BritishBible "Their portion shall be the outer darkness, with tutting and huffing and the gritting of teeth."

#BritishBible Acts 8:26: "And an angel of the Lord said unto Philip, 'Pip, Pip, Tally Ho!'"

#BritishBible Acts 8:39 "Toodle Pip"

#BritishBible Last book of the OT: Malarkey

#BritishBible "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. Rude sods."

#BritishBible 1 Peter 1:8 "You are filled with an inexpressible joy. And we'd rather you keep it that way."

#BritishBible Rev 8:1 "There was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And no-one knew where to look..."

#BritishBible "...Terry considered making a joke about running out of scrolls but his wife shot him a deadly glare."

#BritishBible "There is now no condemnation, only a vague but gnawing sense of utter shame and worthlessness."

Don't try to 'find your identity', God only chooses 'the things that are not' (1 Cor 1:28).

He's plunged down into our death & burst through into His life. His very being is an offer: to take our death & give His life. #EnjoyYourDay

Loving that the three people who find life in Luke 23 are criminals/murderers: Barabbas, Thief on cross, Centurion.

Preacher: If u decide *b4* prep that ur going 2preach linear points, u've decided in advance that ur not going 2get 2excited abt the Content

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