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Gospel Origami


This is different to a version I demonstrated a few months ago.  Back then I drew the world twice - once with Adam taking it down and once with Christ raising it up.  That's obviously not ideal - Christ saves this world.  So in this version we've overcome that problem with the help of a nifty fold - Christ descending onto this world to do Adam's job right.  I much prefer this version - not least because you get to do a bit of gospel origami!

Learn how to draw 321 for yourself here.

7 thoughts on “Gospel Origami

  1. Mike T

    I just tried to use 3-2-1 this morning, but no internet access in the restaurant. Very timely...imagine that.

  2. Si Hollett

    It's rather insensitive to flaunt in mixed company that you are left-handed: part of an elite club that rule the world.

    I tried (after being asked at a young age) to be left-handed, but sinistrality isn't a lifestyle choice, so I remain right-handed.

    Someday, the dexterous masses will rise up against the sinister classes. And we're as skilled with our hands as you are evil ;)

  3. John B

    God made Lefties that way. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) God made me a sinistro-phobic bigot. I don't question God. His ways are too mysterious for that.

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