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follow-jesusThere's nothing more central to God than the Lamb (Rev 7:17)

All hail the Lamb enthroned on high His praise shall b our battle cry He reigns victorious forever glorious His name is Jesus He is the Lord

"Why didnt u come earlier? Why didnt u heal?" Essentially Jesus answers: "I am not the Repairer. I am the Resurrection." #DeathThenLife

Jesus doesn't characterize judgement as "Up or Down". It's "Come or Depart". #JesusDefinesJudgement #TheFutureIsHere

I've heard of Calvinist evangelists who don't offer Christ but "offer the offer." Doesn't that cast the listener as a 'free chooser'?

That salvation is too big for you, Jesus says 'Let me take it'.
That worry is too big for you, the Father says 'Let me take it'.
That job is too big for you, the Spirit says 'Let me take it.' #EnjoyYourDay

Romans 5: Death reigned over us. Now *we* reign *in* life. When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Christ didn't die so that God could love you. Christ died *because* God loved you. Romans 5:8

"Come and die" is not the price of salvation. It is salvation. It's not just free. It's freedom.

Your success at 'sin management' does not define you. Christ does. #Holy #WithoutBlemish #FreeFromAccusation #EnjoyYourDay

Dear Mormon Friends, a true experience of the Spirit does not lead to anxiety over salvation but deep assurance. Romans 8:15

"Faith Alone" is a synonym for "the blood of Christ alone". Unless we're clear on this, it will amount to mystical-works-righteousness.

Finally, I've found it... Biblical warrant for Bible Colleges: 1 Kings 18:13

Sins cleansed, darkness conquered, creation liberated, bodies raised, tears wiped away and Jesus. Face to face, Forever. #EnjoyYourDay

Are Luke4 & Acts2 expositional sermons? Yes they expose Christ as the meaning of the text. Are they verse by verse? Heck no!

U can make a fair theological case 4 'verse-by-verse' but u can't prove verse-by-verse from exposition of the apostles' preaching #telling

God has ensured that the whole world qualifies for salvation. In Adam all possess the prerequisite. We are all sinners. Rom11:32

We think of our needs as weaknesses to be delivered from. Jesus thinks our biggest need is to be needy. Matt18:3

At the British Museum see Babylonians, Persians, Greeks&Romans. At yr local church join the Son of Man's eternal kingdom #Dan7 #EnjoyYourDay

Techniques of proclamation will do little. A /theology/ of proclamation will transform evangelicalism.

Today's the last day u can "kiss the Son" according to NIV.  From now on u must take yr chances w any old son of David

<< The *ridiculous* translation decision of the new NIV over Psalm 2:

Today Benedict XVI stops being infallible and the NIV stops using its 1984 translation.

Whatever needs forgiving is forgiven. Whatever needs fixing will be fixed. Whatever needs facing, Christ faces with us. #EnjoyYourDay

The NHS, a microcosm of an older England: queues, courtesy and the class system.

After the first Adam's "death", he named his woman in the garden. After the Second Adam's death, he named his woman in the garden: "Mary!"

Why suffering? #DeepestAnswer: That we might share in the sufferings of the Son

Good news, you don't need to "find your identity in Jesus"! Christ IS your life :) #Col3

It's not just your sins - *you* have been transferred to Christ. Now you inhabit the realm of the Beloved Son. Col1:13f #EnjoyYourDay

When Jesus came to the Jordan He didn't Judge the failures, He joined them: entering our filth to bring us 2 His Family #Matt3 #EnjoyYourDay

Are you a Christian? Jesus is yours and you are His. Song of Songs 6:3 #EnjoyYourDay

Russell Brand on addiction: treat it as *sickness*, 'the gutter is within', only other addicts can help #DeepWisdom

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