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follow-jesusJesus is King... and we're His Bride #howthesentenceshouldend

Some evangelistic strategies seem to be about laying a trail of breadcrumbs. The apostles seem more simply to serve up the Bread.

You won't find gold chasing rainbows. But there's a Golden One who wears the rainbow - Ez1:28 - He's come to find you #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus sailed thru a hurricane to get to Legion (Mark5). He was hurled into the Abyss to rescue u. Same predicament, same love. #EnjoyYourDay

"You know how we all love justice..." = a common way of justifying hell. Perhaps even more important is: "You know how we all hate grace..."

Christ is your clothing (baptism), food & drink (communion). And He's given while you're naked, famished and guilty as hell #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling suitably shriven today? God exalted Jesus to His right hand to *give* you repentance (Acts 5:31) #EnjoyYourDay

In the flesh we are but dust and ashes. By the Spirit-filled King we are crowned with beauty and the oil of gladness (Is61) #EnjoyYourDay

Today, remember you are loved at your very worst, by the very Best. Rom 5:8 #EnjoyYourDay

Life is not a race against the clock. Jesus is Resurrection. Time is not 'running out' - not ultimately. Jn11 #EnjoyYourDay

We think of the Christian life as a ‘changed life’. It's not. It's an ‘exchanged life,’ a ‘substituted life’ & Christ is our Substitute. Nee

“Christianity is not the sacrifice we make, but the sacrifice we trust.” PT Forsyth

We are SEATED with Christ, Eph1-3; WALK by Christ, Eph4-5 & STAND in Christ, Eph6. (Nee) We Never climb. #OnTopOfTheWorld #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is totally anti-heterosexual. Can you imagine Him telling His disciples "Let your sexual desire be unto the multitude of women"?

God works triumph thru deicide. The disasters of today do not catch Him off guard or knock Him off course. Crisis is His MO #EnjoyYourDay

In evangelism, proclaiming the character of Christ is not a useful technique that establishes His 'authority'. It's kinda the whole point

Present suffering is to future glory as birth-pains are to the joy of new life. Horrifically painful. Totally worth it. #EnjoyYourDay

Through His life, death & resurrection, Christ has taken the wheel of this world, turned on the sat nav & pressed "Home" #EnjoyYourDay

The Word of God spoke in a provincial accent. #grace

Feelings are temperamental fruit. Get in the soil of community, receive the seed of the word, look to the sunshine of Christ's love. Wait.

"Everything goes on as it always has" says the scoffer. "Everything goes on according to the Word, Promise & Patience of God" says 2Peter3.

<< Doesn't this mean that our mechanical (Enlightenment) view of the world is basically the scoffers' view?

2 thoughts on “Tweet-a-rama

  1. Cal

    Your first one reminds me of one piece of Gospel that sets my heart on fire:

    "For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son"

    I'm a lover of all things epic and heroic. The Bride imagery doesn't really do much for me, but when I know that I am a citizen, a peasant in the Jesus' Kingdom, I am delighted. Jesus is a King that all dominion and power do not corrupt. One who can give away all power and yet retain it, for that is agape.

    My 2 cents,

  2. Glen

    Well that's a good way to finish the sentence too! My beef is with the sentence that simply says "Jesus is king so step aside and bow"

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