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follow-jesusGod worked a universe out of nothing, He reworked it out of sin, death and curse. I reckon He can do something with you. #EnjoyYourDay

<< But it's worth remembering what you bring to the equation: nothing, sin, death, curse!

Are you a Christian? Luke 15 tells you your standing: weak and welcomed, wretched and robed, stinking and celebrated. #EnjoyYourDay

RU worried about UP? Jesus takes care of heaven. RU worried about LATER? Your Father takes care of tomorrow...

...RU worried about OUT? The Spirit makes our labours fruitful & multiply. UR called to HERE & NOW & THIS. Which is all we ever have anyway

<< by "OUT" I mean our worries about impacting *the world* (as opposed to concentrating on *this thing*).

Jesus is your salvation, your clothing, your food, yr shelter, yr reputation. Now those r taken care of, what do u want 2 do? #EnjoyYourDay

We're not called to keep the status quo, we're called to love. And love always rocks the boat

If u can finish these sentences, u can witness for Jesus: "That's what I love about Jesus/ my church/ Life in a world made by love..."

...Throw in some "I just can't handle /this/ about the world/ my life, can you?" and you're away.

The hypocrites 'bow their heads like a reed' before the LORD (Is 58). But real faith is when the LORD lifts your head (Ps3)

<< The former make a show of humility, but are really proud. The latter walk with head held high, but are truly meek.

Receive each word 'our Light & Momentary Troubles Are Achieving For Us an Eternal Weight of Glory that Far Outweighs them All' #EnjoyYourDay

Fallen Abram mopes around the wilderness, Gen13:3. When he returns 2the altar Then he calls on the Name of the LORD. Dont sulk #run2thecross

The Spirit gave you gifts to make you serve, not to make you superior.

Horrifying article: So What If Abortion Ends Life: "the fetus is indeed a life. A life worth sacrificing"

Your connection with God is Not up to yr prayers or yr piety. It's up to yr Priest. And He ever lives to intercede 4u #EnjoyYourDay

If you want to reboot your life, try holding your nose while depressing your belly-button for 5 seconds. Failing that, try Jesus.

A 60 y.o. who's grown up in evangelical churches told me today = 1st time she's understood how Jesus is the Lamb of God. Preach the basics!

He went for a fist-pump, I went for a handshake. You may say he was the cool one. I say paper beats rock.

It covers, cleanses & cries. It purchases, pacifies, purifies. It sanctifies, slakes, sets free. His blood availed 4 me #EnjoyYourDay

Idols are idle.

Their gods wait while they work. Our God works while we wait. Isaiah 64:4 #idolsareidle

No epistle talks numbers. Size of church = irrelevant 2 the Lord's assessment in Rev 2-3. Why is it 1 of 1st things we mention about a church?

Underneath it's not 'blind, pitiless indifference'. Underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut 33:27 #EnjoyYourDay

#1Sam16: Bad news- u've not been chosen as King. Good news- yr Brother has & He shares His royalty & victory with you #1Sam17 #EnjoyYourDay

#1John1 Pretend righteousness, unconfessed sin, lonely independence = darkness. The Fellowship, Blood & Family of God = light #EnjoyYourDay

God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1John5:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Tempted to groan under the weight of your "sacrifices"? Don't think sacrifice, think sound investment (Mark 10:29-30) #EnjoyYourDay

For Allah, creation brings relatedness into existence. For the living God, relatedness brings creation into existence.

If u knew Jesus was praying 4u in the next room u'd have confidence 4 today. Distance makes no difference, He's still praying #EnjoyYourDay

A member of Christ, 1 spirit w Him, purchased by His blood, a sharer in His resurrection, a temple of His Holy Spirit #1Cor6 #EnjoyYourDay

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