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Mike Reeves and David Meredith at Yorkshire Gospel Partnership

Mike ReevesDavid Meredith The Trinity Applauded

Mike Reeves How the Trinity Shapes the Gospel

Mike Reeves How the Trinity Shapes Evangelism

Discussion: Mike Reeves, David Meredith with Melvin Tinker

David Meredith The Trinity Applied: Church life

The discussion time is particularly worth hearing.

3 thoughts on “Mike Reeves and David Meredith at Yorkshire Gospel Partnership

  1. A3B7A29B44 BW 4,6 some part of me with 1 Adam

    I enjoyed this and as a fallen blinded human in a condition of "non posse non peccare" (unable not to sin) to see this ecstasy of our Holy Trinity being poured to someone at best should be as created "posse non peccare" is beautiful beyond linguistic expression(s). And to think, we believers, may again commune and live in this Trinitaran love eternally in a state of posse non peccare, is a grace beyond comprehension. We did not reject evil wholeheartedly, when tempted the way the Godhead would. Mankind has been facing the consequences daily since. Thank you for these series of discussions to understand the Godhead and salvation better and in the right. Light.

  2. A3B7A29B44 BW 4,6 some part of me with 1 Adam

    I am not a Latin scholar, but I thought these phrases aptly describe us creatures in relation to the Godhead, Creator. At one time with the first breath of life we were in a state of "posse non peccare" or "being not able to sin." Salvation as I understand it from your panel is a state where we are welcomed to live eternally in the everlasting love of our Trinity in a state of "non posse peccare" or "not being able to sin." Isn't God's passion the offering of His Son so we may have this eternity? I am just a lay person weaving sources together trying to understand this beauty MiKe Reeves was discussing. Again thank you from my current level of understanding.

  3. A3B7A29B44 BW 4,6 some part of me with 1 Adam

    I don't want to be bothering you too much. Is it of any consequence that both the woman and Adam distinguished the voice of satan in the possessed serpent from the Lord God's? The woman didn't say, "The serpent's voice sounded like you and I was deceived." In other words their choice isn't between a counterfeit voice imitating God's and the real ontological God. They chose the distinguishable voice of evil. Isn't this our problem, we are now blinded by consciously knowing evil (Hebrews 10:22?) unlike our Godhead who one source says quoting: Deuteronomy 32:4 "will not enter in upon evil."

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