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Want me to feel my adoption? Tell me of my Father.

Want me to know 'my identity in Christ'? Tell me of *Christ*

The world is not a factory with u pulling the levers. Consider the birds. It's your Father's house, ur His child. #Matthew6 #EnjoyYourDay

You don't avoid legalism by avoiding the law. Push through the death of the law into the resurrection grace of the gospel.

Ironically legalism thrives when you don't bring the full weight of the law to bear. Don't merely wound with the law. Let it kill.

Most Trinitarian Gospel opening? Mark. Jesus intro'd as Christ, Son of God & within 11 verses: the LORD, the Father's Son & Spirit's Anointed

<< If Mark 1 doesn't strike u as Trinitarian ur thinking of Trinity as a theological speciality not the most basic confession of Christ's ID

I love the Issues Etc motto: "It's not about you, it's about Jesus For You." If u miss the last 2 words it becomes about u again!

Some of the proudest people are those who boldly renounce all 4 Jesus. The humblest r those overwhelmed He's given all 4 them

The Angel of the LORD (Christ!) encamps around you to deliver you (Ps 34:7). Nothing gets to u w/o going thru Him first #EnjoyYourDay

My Pentecostal friends may disagree but...

From Eph 1: U have continual blessings (in Christ) or no blessings (outside Him). U don't have 2nd blessings. Unless u have a 2nd Christ?

Does "Britain's oldest man" ever die? Surely he only switches.

Do u a deal: I'll speak purely of God's one-ness from now on if we can all agree we're talking about the oneness of Jesus with His Father.

If you are hidden with Christ in God, He would have to undo His own being to reject you. Col 3:3; 2 Tim 2:13 #EnjoyYourDay

What kind of God is broken apart so the wicked can feast on Him? What kind of God is poured out so you can drink? Your God #EnjoyYourDay

#mistranslatedbooks Victor Hugo's uplifting sequel: Less Miserable

#mistranslatedbooks The Story of a Conurbation by Charles Dickens

#mistranslatedbooks Harper Lee's tale of a Romanian pop duo cut down in their prime: To Kill A Cheeky Girl

#mistranslatedbooks Celsius 232.7, 69060 Miles Under The Sea, Around the World in 11.43 Weeks.

#mistranslatedbooks Mike Horton's seminal: ianity

#mistranslatedbooks Giovanni Arpino's: "Lady Pong" & Kenneth Grahame's "Fart in the Woods"

As Witness He sees yr suffering, as Advocate He sticks up 4u, as Intercessor He prays always, as Friend He sympathises. Job16 #EnjoyYourDay

#Ps146 The LORD reigns. How does He reign? He liberates, restores, lifts, loves & watches over. No other King like Jesus. #EnjoyYourDay

Mary chose the better portion: to BE served by Jesus through His word. Luke 10:42 #EnjoyYourDay

Ps 30:6. Maybe this morning means more weeping 4u. But one morning every tear will be wiped away. And today is another day closer.

It's not the Lord's 'nasty side' that judges, it's His unadulterated goodness.

"Preach the gospel, die and be forgotten." Some Dead Guy

They didn't seek 1st the Kingdom, they fled the King. Yet the King pursued the disciples thru death 2 find them & say "Peace" #EnjoyYourDay

Gently Jesus lets Peter 'begin to sink'. "Immediately" He responds to his cry. #Matthew14 #EnjoyYourDay

We are not saved by our lives but rather saved in our deaths. Robert Farrar Capon

Grace meets us in our sins, not after them. Capon

Jesus came 2 raise the dead not repair the repairable, correct the correctable, improve the improvable. Nothing is all He needs 4 anything. RFC

Biblical expectation of church life is constantly having to bear with each other in our grievances.

The woman by the well calls it a 'shaft' (phrear). Jesus speaks of a 'spring' (pege). Life from nothingness. A Fountain from the Pit.

Preachers: Don't be smart, be smitten. (Capon-ish)

Adam => Christ... Law => Gospel. It's God's way to say No then Yes. Bear that in mind when you pray.

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