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5 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. John B

    Here's an over realized eschatology in action! Before lying down with lions, it would be best to wait until the Lord has smited the River into seven streams! Not yet and already!

  2. Glen

    Indeed! And I think, coming after Isaiah 7 and 9, the 'little child to lead them' is meant to make us think of Christ Himself. But it's nice in this video to see a shadow of both Christ and the future :)

    By the way, good thought about having a sermons feed. Is that straightforward to set up?

  3. James

    That video with the lions makes me think of Perelandra (C. S. Lewis's second book in his Space Trilogy) - in terms of a proper relationship between huamns and animals. If you haven't read it, well worth it. I'm with you, makes me long for Christ's return!

  4. John B

    Glen, BTW, our local church has recently started producing a sermons feed using LoudBlog, which seems to be working really well.

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