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"But we had hoped..." (Luke 24:13-35) What have you hoped in? It will be transformed and more than restored by the risen Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

A clever and sophisticated phrase to use in your evangelism: "I think you should become a Christian." #TryIt

Christians are groaners but not grumblers. Romans 8:23-25

Not just net gainers. Even our grtst suffering redeemed 2 grter glory: More than conquerors thru Him who loved us! #EnjoyYourDay

Adam/Christ = Curse/Blessing = Old/New = Judgement/Salvation = Now/Not-Yet = Flesh/Spirit

Instructions for Evangelist: Open your Bible. Point to Jesus. Offer Him Freely. Repeat As Necessary.

He's the Future & Fulness of the world. He's the Future & Fulness of God. If you have Jesus you have Everything. #EnjoyYourDay

"To be a receiver, to believe that the gift is complete, is to be right with God." Gerhard Forde >>

<< Therefore if we offer a "gift" that needs completing (by the sinner's response) we turn gospel into law, evangel-ism into legal-ism

"Self-esteem - the current circumlocution for pride" Gerhard Forde

Moralists use the law as a defence against God.

"This far and no further" is both God's command to the unruly and the Rule-y's command to God.

God is pulling all things through the cross and out the empty tomb

Bt the Spirit of the Son you have a new spiritual heart-beat: Abba, Father... Abba, Father... Abba, Father... (Gal 4:6) #EnjoyYourDay

Being Trinitarian is about confessing Christ faithfully. He is the Spirit-filled Son. >>

<<If we're failing to preach trinitarianly it's not cos we need PhDs in systematics, it's cos we're simply not articulating Christ properly.

Christians are God's possession. There Might be a hostile takeover. But only if they can outbid the blood of God- Acts 20:28

Sunday school, kids songs & evangelistic outlines lay the foundations. If they're wrong, preachers have a LOT of work to do!

"I don't know who God is anymore..." could be a very promising deconversion. It might just be the 1st step towards true faith

God is Joy - Ps 45:7; John 15:11; 1 Tim 1:11. #EnjoyYourDay

A love story without forgiveness is a tragedy not a comedy. Just seen #CrazyStupidLove

#CrazyStupidLove does catastrophe far better than eucatastrophe. All because no-one can really bring themselves to forgive.

"Our culture is so far back from the gospel we can't just preach Christ"? No! For this very reason we must simply preach Christ.

Planning Christmas sermons? Why not revisit the most sublime theology of Christmas ever penned. Begin here.


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