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2 thoughts on “Romans 8 sermons

  1. Aimee Baker

    Hi Glen, was just listening to this sermon and I'm often puzzled about God's attitude towards those outside Christ. You say he is against them but I guess I've always had the view that he loves everyone whether they know him or not. Does being against something mean you don't love it?

  2. Glen

    Hey Aimee, He's utterly against the way of Adam because He is totally *for* the world. He loves the world so much that He hates the perverted monstrosity that humanity has become in Adam. He is committed to judging Adam and killing him off... so that... He can raise up Christ, the new Man, and invite the world into a true humanity. Paul will go on to say that in Romans 11:32: "God has bound all men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them all."

    God *loves* those in Adam. Immeasurably. But that's why He is completely against their perishing humanity and offers them Christ's imperishable one.

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