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Encore des Tweets

He's the Judge of the world, the Revelation of God and a gentle, lowly Rest-Giver: Matt 11:20-30. #EnjoyYourDay

Many bow to the Son of God: Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John. He receives it, then sets them all on their feet.

If you want to take on a theology, take on its Doctrine of God. Otherwise you're tinkering at the edges.

No I won't be taking part... Because if I started now it would take me about 6 months... Yeah and Mo-pril doesn't have the same ring.

Original sin asserts that no-one stands apart from the human condition. We're all a part of the problem.

"Born sick, commanded to be well" is how Hitchens understood original sin. In reality it's "Born hungry, offered Bread."

Your sorrows He carries, your infirmities He takes up, your sins He bears. (Is 53) Your weaknesses only draw Him closer #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelist's Reality Check: Scripture's most beautiful chapter on Christ and His cross begins with the line "Who has believed our message?"

First 4 beatitudes: empty beggars before the King. Last 4: royal ambassadors to the world. There's a flow 2 the life of the kingdom

A deeply theological Soapbox by @RealDMitchell  We need a narrative to live in the moment. A happy ending is best too!

To characterise our sin as basically self-rule (eg 'climbing on the throne of our lives') is far too flattering a picture of human nature...

...Scripturally we are dominated subjects in Satan's kingdom, whores besotted with terrible lovers, sheep following after bad shepherds...

...As Luther said we are beasts ridden either by the devil or God. Ironically it's a kind of hubris to diagnose our problem as self-rule.

You know the tree of life in the garden of God? That's not just for religious art. That's for *you* to eat from (Rev 2:7) #EnjoyYourDay

Someone's asked how 2 answer Qs on Adam's historicity in evangelism. Goto 1 Cor 15 & say 'If Jesus rose, Adam fell. Let's see if Jesus rose'

Is no-one concerned our Archbishop is a JW?

<<Do I need to point out that this was a pun of the order of (but slightly superior to) previous Twitter jokes on the 'Could Well by' motif?

You see Justin Welby = JW. Initially I thought it was hilarious... (Again that's a pun. A play on words, because it's about INITIALS) *sigh*

Don't preach to fortify the weary. Preach to raise the dead.

Reading Luke afresh. Jesus is fiercely, resolutely, relentlessly downwardly mobile. Just astonishing

Many call the cross 'primitive scapegoating'. But it's different when the one at the top is scapegoat. It's 'carrying the can'. #Entwistle

No greater love: An illustration of sacrifice (Thanks to John Percival's remembrance day sermon this morning)

"You are my Beloved Child, I'm thrilled with you" - the Verdict we all want from the Father we all crave. And it's ours in Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

Only *sinners* love (Luke 7:36-50). Therefore every sin is an opportunity to know yr indebtedness and the forgiveness of Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

"God wants relationship with u" doesnt say much. Everything has a relationship w God. Q is Which God & therefore: What kind of relationship?

"My child, get up" He will say. And u will rise 2 feasting joy, complete astonishment & face-to-face with Jesus (Luke 8:40-56) #EnjoyYourDay

Who qualifies 4 Christ's Kingdom? The powerless, the wicked, the little children: Lk18:1-17. Don't reach up, receive where u r #EnjoyYourDay

Here's a tip for anyone who fears using 'Christian' phrases in evangelism (like Lamb of God or Trinity)... Explain them. #WorksATreat.

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