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For your listening pleasure: Blackham, Reeves, Myers and More

Paul Blackham's Men's Weekend Talks for City Evangelical Church, Leeds:
Beginning With Jesus

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4

Talk 5


Mike Reeves:
The Difference Jesus makes...

To your view of God

To your self esteem

To your prayer

To the hard times


Ben Myers
John's Gospel.

Go here and download the row of files second from bottom

1. The Word Made Flesh (John 1)
2. The Coming of the Light (John 9)
3. The Triumph of Life (John 11)
4. The Doorway to Eternity (John 17)
5. The Way of Discipleship (John 21)


A recent LTS conference:
The importance of Adam in the Bible, the Church and the World:

Introduction:  Garry Williams

Session 1: David Green: Adam in the Old Testament

Session 2: Lane Tipton: Adam in the New Testament

Session 3: Lane Tipton: Adam and Christ in Systematic Theology

Session 4: Stephen Lloyd: Adam, Where art thou?’

Session 5: Garry Williams: Adam in the Covenant of Works

Session 6: Steve Jeffery: Original Sin: Unbiblical, Unjust and Unreasonable?

Session 7: Michael McClenahanPreaching Adam to Adam’s Race


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