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Jonah 3 sermon

The Ninevites hear this prophet back from the dead.

They acknowledge that God is right to judge.

They bury themselves in the dust.

And they trust Jonah's God to bring them through to resurrection.


We too hear a word of judgement from God's Resurrected Prophet (Acts 17:30).

We too are buried in Him (Romans 6:3-5).

And we are brought out beyond condemnation (Romans 8:1).

Christians note: God does many miraculous things in the book of Jonah.  At just the right time he appoints storms and fish and plants.  It's almost magical.  But there's one thing he refuses to do: He refuses to save Nineveh without a messenger.  Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17).

It doesn't matter if you're a bad messenger (Jonah's sermon left much to be desired).  It doesn't matter if you struggle with motivation (Jonah struggled with motivation).  As those brought through judgement, we have a message that can save - no matter how rubbish we messengers are!




2 thoughts on “Jonah 3 sermon

  1. Ephrem Hagos

    It's not anymore about fallible messengers and their motivations such as Jonah. No, it is about Jesus Christ of who God said, "This is my own dear Son, with whom I am pleased--listen to him!" (Matt. 17: 1-13)

    So, who are we listening to: Paul or Jesus Christ?

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